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The correlation coefficient method: from the beginning to the development (2014) Merklein M, Affronti E, Kuppert A, Maier AK, Lechner M Conference contribution An improvement of the time dependent method based on the coefficient of correlation for the determination of the forming limit curve (2014) Merklein M, Kuppert A, Affronti E Conference contribution Influence of Pre-straining and Heat Treatment on the Yield Surface of Precipitation Hardenable Aluminum Alloys (2014) Lechner M, Johannes M, Kuppert A, Merklein M Journal article A Review on Tailored Blanks - Production, Applications and Evaluation (2014) Merklein M, Johannes M, Lechner M, Kuppert A Journal article Simulationsgestützte Auslegung maßgeschneiderter wärmebehandelter Aluminiumhalbzeuge (2013) Merklein M, Hagenah H, Lechner M, Kuppert A Conference contribution Time dependent FLC determination - Comparison of different algorithms to detect the onset of unstable necking before fracture (2013) Hotz W, Merklein M, Kuppert A, Friebe H, Klein M Journal article Tailor Quenched Blanks (2013) Merklein M, Lechner M, Kuppert A Conference contribution Einfluss der Auswertestrategie auf die Grenzformänderungskurve (2013) Kuppert A, Merklein M, Friebe H, Möller T, Hotz W, Volk W Journal article Investigation of the beginning of plastic yielding and the hardening behaviour under biaxial tension (2013) Suttner S, Kuppert A Journal article Optimization of the heat treatment layout and blank outline of THTB (2013) Lechner M, Kuppert A, Hagenah H, Merklein M Journal article
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