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Regulatory Issues of Platform Trials: Learnings from EU-PEARL (2024) Nguyen QL, Hees K, Hernandez Penna S, König F, Posch M, Bofill Roig M, Meyer EL, et al. Journal article, Review article Vaccine Development during a Pandemic: General Lessons for Clinical Trial Design (2023) Hofner B, Asikanius E, Jacquet W, Framke T, Oude Rengerink K, Aguirre Dávila L, Grünewald M, et al. Journal article Linear or smooth? Enhanced model choice in boosting via deselection of base-learners (2023) Mayr A, Wistuba T, Speller J, Gude F, Hofner B Journal article Adaptive platform trials: the impact of common controls on type one error and power (2023) Nguyen Q, Hees K, Hofner B Journal article Stochastic Dispersal Rather Than Deterministic Selection Explains the Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Soil Bacteria in a Temperate Grassland (2020) Richter-Heitmann T, Hofner B, Krah FS, Sikorski J, Wüst PK, Bunk B, Huang S, et al. Journal article Randomized phase-III-trial of concurrent chemoradiation for locally advanced head and neck cancer comparing dose reduced radiotherapy with paclitaxel/cisplatin to standard radiotherapy with fluorouracil/cisplatin: The PacCis-trial (2020) Fietkau R, Hecht M, Hofner B, Lubgan D, Iro H, Gefeller O, Rödel C, et al. Journal article Long-term Results of Conservative Therapy of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Using the Cheneau Brace (2019) Weniger CD, Fujak A, Hofner B, Fuchs M, Forst R, Richter RH Journal article Radiotherapy with paclitaxel/cisplatin vs. fluorouracil/cisplatin for head and neck cancer (2019) Fietkau R, Hecht M, Hofner B, Iro H, Gefeller O, Roedel C, Hautmann M, et al. Conference contribution Modeling spatiotemporal abundance of mobile wildlife in highly variable environments using boosted GAMLSS hurdle models (2019) Smith A, Hofner B, Lamb JS, Osenkowski J, Allison T, Sadoti G, Mcwilliams SR, Paton P Journal article Bouldering psychotherapy reduces depressive symptoms even when general physical activity is controlled for: A randomized controlled trial (2018) Stelzer EM, Book S, Grässel E, Hofner B, Kornhuber J, Luttenberger K Journal article
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