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Intrinsic and extrinsic size effects in the deformation of amorphous CuZr/nanocrystalline Cu nanolaminates (2014) Guo W, Jaegle E, Yao J, Maier V, Korte S, Schneider JM, Raabe D Journal article The Strengthening Effect of Phase Boundaries in a Severely Plastically Deformed Ti-Al Composite Wire (2014) Marr T, Freudenberger J, Maier V, Höppel HW, Göken M, Schultz L Journal article Multicomponent materials from machining chips compacted by equal-channel angular pressing (2014) Lapovok R, Qi Y, Ng HP, Maier V, Estrin Y Journal article Microcantilever bending experiments in NiAl - Evaluation, size effects, and crack tip plasticity (2014) Ast J, Przybilla T, Maier V, Durst K, Göken M Journal article, Original article Highly resolved analysis of the chemistry and mechanical properties of an a-C:H coating system by nanoindentation and auger electron spectroscopy (2013) Schmid C, Maier V, Schaufler J, Butz B, Spiecker E, Meier S, Göken M, Durst K Journal article Strain-rate sensitivity (SRS) of nickel by instrumented indentation (2013) Hay J, Maier V, Durst K, Göken M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Strain rate sensitivity (SRS) of Nickel by Instrumented Indentation (2013) Hay J, Maier V, Durst K, Göken M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Activation parameters for deformation of ultrafine-grained aluminium as determined by indentation strain rate jumps at elevated temperature (2013) Wheeler JM, Maier V, Durst K, Göken M, Michler J Journal article An improved long-term nanoindentation creep testing approach for studying the local deformation processes in nanocrystalline metals at room and elevated temperatures (2013) Maier V, Merle B, Göken M, Durst K Journal article GRAIN REFINEMENT AND DEFORMATION MECHANISMS IN HETEROGENEOUS ULTRAFINE-GRAINED MATERIALS PROCESSED BY ACCUMULATIVE ROLL BONDING (2012) Göken M, Höppel HW, Hausöl T, Bach J, Maier V, Schmidt C, Amberger D Conference contribution
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