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Population balance modeling of InP quantum dots: Experimentally enabled global optimization to identify unknown material parameters (2023) Wang Z, Traore N, Schikarski T, Stiegler L, Drobek D, Apeleo Zubiri B, Spiecker E, et al. Journal article Between defects and inclusions: The fate of tellurium in pyrite (2023) Börner F, Keith M, Fougerouse D, Macauley C, Felfer P, Yokosawa T, Apeleo Zubiri B, Spiecker E Journal article Controlled Self-Assembly of Gold Nanotetrahedra into Quasicrystals and Complex Periodic Supracrystals (2023) Wang Y, Chen J, Li R, Götz A, Drobek D, Przybilla T, Hübner S, et al. Journal article Substituting fossil-based with bio-based chemicals: the case of limonene as a greener pore expander for micellar templated silica (2023) Sultan U, Städtke K, Göpfert A, Lemmen D, Metwali E, Maiti S, Schlumberger C, et al. Journal article Magnetic in situ determination of surface coordination motifs by utilizing the degree of particle agglomeration (2023) Wolf A, Zink A, Stiegler L, Branscheid R, Apeleo Zubiri B, Müssig S, Peukert W, et al. Journal article, Original article Gram-Scale Continuous Flow Synthesis of Silver-on-Silica Patchy Nanoparticles with Widely Tunable Resonances for Plasmonics Applications (2023) Völkl A, Toutouly J, Drobek D, Apeleo Zubiri B, Spiecker E, Klupp Taylor R Journal article, Original article 3D analysis of equally X-ray attenuating mineralogical phases utilizing a correlative tomographic workflow across multiple length scales (2023) Englisch S, Ditscherlein R, Kirstein T, Hansen L, Furat O, Drobek D, Leißner T, et al. Journal article Determination of 2D Particle Size Distributions in Plasmonic Nanoparticle Colloids via Analytical Ultracentrifugation: Application to Gold Bipyramids. (2023) Frank U, Drobek D, Sánchez-Iglesias A, Wawra S, Nees N, Walter J, Pflug L, et al. Journal article, Original article Green room temperature synthesis of silver-gold alloy nanoparticles (2023) Traore N, Uttinger M, Cardenas Lopez P, Drobek D, Gromotka L, Schmidt J, Walter J, et al. Journal article, Original article Fast Gas-Adsorption Kinetics in Supraparticle-Based MOF Packings with Hierarchical Porosity (2023) Fujiwara A, Wang J, Hiraide S, Götz A, Miyahara MT, Hartmann M, Apeleo Zubiri B, et al. Journal article