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Ryanodine Receptor Staining Identifies Viable Cardiomyocytes in Human and Rabbit Cardiac Tissue Slices (2023) Pfeuffer AK, Küpfer L, Shankar TS, Drakos SG, Volk T, Seidel T Journal article Corrigendum: long-term cultivation of human atrial myocardium (Frontiers in Physiology, (2022), 13, (839139), 10.3389/fphys.2022.839139) (2023) Klumm MJJ, Heim C, Fiegle D, Weyand M, Volk T, Seidel T Journal article, Erratum Rapid Pacing Decreases L-type Ca2+ Current and Alters Cacna1c Isogene Expression in Primary Cultured Rat Left Ventricular Myocytes (2023) Ritzer A, Röschl T, Nay S, Rudakova E, Volk T Journal article Microplegia in paediatric hearts (2022) Münch F, Kwapil N, Teske A, Rueffer A, Dittrich S, Volk T, Purbojo A Journal article T-tubule loss in rat and human cardiomyocytes aggravates the effects of reduced SERCA activity on Ca2+ release (2022) Fiegle D, Volk T, Seidel T Conference contribution Twenty-four hours preservation of hearts prior to cardiomyocyte isolation to reduce the number of experimental animals (2022) Pfeilschifter B, Seidel T, Volk T Conference contribution Long-Term Cultivation of Human Atrial Myocardium (2022) Klumm MJ, Heim C, Fiegle D, Weyand M, Volk T, Seidel T Journal article Severe T-System Remodeling in Pediatric Viral Myocarditis (2021) Fiegle D, Schober M, Dittrich S, Cesnjevar R, Klingel K, Volk T, Alkassar M, Seidel T Journal article Progressive stretch enhances growth and maturation of 3D stem-cell-derived myocardium (2021) Lu K, Seidel T, Cao-Ehlker X, Dorn T, Batcha AMN, Schneider CM, Semmler M, et al. Journal article Region-specific mechanisms of corticosteroid-mediated inotropy in rat cardiomyocytes (2020) Wacker C, Dams N, Schauer A, Ritzer A, Volk T, Wagner M Journal article
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