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Does outcome expectancy predict outcomes in online depression prevention? Secondary analysis of randomised-controlled trials (2024) Thielecke J, Kuper P, Ebert D, Cuijpers P, Smit F, Riper H, Lehr D, Buntrock C Journal article Examining differential responses to the Take Care of Me trial: A latent class and moderation analysis (2022) Frohlich JR, Rapinda KK, Schaub MP, Wenger A, Baumgartner C, Johnson EA, Blankers M, et al. Journal article Digital prevention of depression for farmers? A qualitative study on participants' experiences regarding determinants of acceptance and satisfaction with a tailored guided internet intervention program (2022) Freund J, Buntrock C, Braun L, Thielecke J, Baumeister H, Berking M, Ebert D, Titzler I Journal article Negative Effects in digital Interventions: Results from an Implementation Project (ImplementIT) for the Prevention of Depression in Farmers (2022) Freund J, Titzler I, Thielecke J, Braun L, Baumeister H, Berking M, Ebert D Conference contribution Guided internet-based transdiagnostic individually tailored Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for symptoms of depression and/or anxiety in college students: A randomized controlled trial (2022) Karyotaki E, Klein AM, Ciharova M, Bolinski F, Krijnen L, de Koning L, de Wit L, et al. Journal article Are guided internet-based interventions for the indicated prevention of depression in green professions effective in the long run? Longitudinal analysis of the 6- and 12-month follow-up of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial (PROD-A) (2021) Braun L, Titzler I, Terhorst Y, Freund J, Thielecke J, Ebert D, Baumeister H Journal article Individual Case Coaching through Telephone as a Prevention Offer for Farmers, Foresters and Horticulturists? - Results of a randomized controlled Efficacy Trial (TEC-A) (2021) Thielecke J, Buntrock C, Titzler I, Freund J, Braun L, Baumeister H, Ebert D Conference contribution A systematic review of trial-based economic evaluations of internet- and mobile-based interventions for substance use disorders (2021) Buntrock C, Kählke F, Smit F, Ebert D Journal article Stakeholders' views on online interventions to prevent common mental health disorders in adults implemented into existing healthcare systems in Europe (2021) Kuso S, Nitsch M, Zeiler M, Simek M, Adamcik T, Dey M, Berger T, et al. Journal article Theoretical adequacy, methodological quality and efficacy of online interventions targeting resilience: a systematic review and meta-analysis (2021) Ebert D, Díaz-García A, Franke M, Herrero R, Botella C Journal article