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A benchmark case for aeroacoustic simulations involving fluid-structure-acoustic interaction transferred from the process of human phonation (2024) Schoder S, Falk S, Wurzinger A, Lodermeyer A, Becker S, Kniesburges S Journal article Larynx Models in Voice Research and their Applications Kehlkopfmodelle in der Stimmforschung und ihre Anwendung (2024) Kniesburges S Journal article, Review article Aerosol Dispersion During Different Phonatory Tasks in Amateur Singers. (2024) Hermann LA, Tur B, Köberlein MC, Gantner S, Westphalen C, Benthaus T, Döllinger M, et al. Journal article Preliminary Studies and Prototypes for Machine Learning Based Evaluation of Surfers’ Performance on River Waves (2023) Zöllner M, Kniesburges S, Döllinger M, Gemeinhardt J, Krause M Conference contribution On the Alignment of Acoustic and Coupled Mechanic-Acoustic Eigenmodes in Phonation by Supraglottal Duct Variations (2023) Kraxberger F, Näger C, Laudato M, Sundström E, Becker S, Mihaescu M, Kniesburges S, Schoder S Journal article An Investigation of Acoustic Back-Coupling in Human Phonation on a Synthetic Larynx Model (2023) Näger C, Kniesburges S, Tur B, Schoder S, Becker S Journal article Effect of Ligament Fibers on Dynamics of Synthetic, Self-Oscillating Vocal Folds in a Biomimetic Larynx Model (2023) Tur B, Gühring L, Wendler O, Schlicht S, Drummer D, Kniesburges S Journal article, Original article Influence of Perspective Distortion in Laryngoscopy (2023) Veltrup R, Kniesburges S, Semmler M Journal article Kehlkopfmodelle in der Stimmforschung und ihre Anwendung (2023) Kniesburges S Journal article Effect of functional electric stimulation on phonation in an ex vivo aged ovine model (2023) Jakubaß B, Peters G, Kniesburges S, Semmler M, Kirsch A, Gerstenberger C, Gugatschka M, Döllinger M Journal article