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Design, Manufacturing and Tribological Performance of Microtextured Bucket Tappets for Friction Reduction in the Valve Train (2017) Marian M, Zahner M, Tremmel S, Andreas K, Merklein M, Wartzack S Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Analysis of tool-sided surface modifications for dry deep drawing of deep drawing steel and aluminum alloys in a model process (2017) Steiner J, Häfner T, Zhao R, Andreas K, Schmidt M, Tremmel S, Merklein M Journal article, Original article Influence of tribological conditions on cold forging processes (2017) Kiener C, Dohmstreich J, Andreas K, Merklein M Conference contribution Investigation of the tribological behaviour of alloyed hot stamping tools in contact with AlSi coated 22MnB5 (2017) Neubauer F, Rupprecht P, Hofmann K, Andreas K, Merklein M Conference contribution Modification of Tribological Conditions for Influencing the Material Flow in Bulk Forming of Microparts from Sheet Metal (2017) Kraus M, Andreas K, Stellin T, Engel U, Merklein M Conference contribution Development and launching of an application-oriented test rig for wear investigations in sheet-bulk metal forming (2017) Merklein M, Andreas K, Kraus M, Löffler M, Pilz F Conference contribution Identification of tribological mechanisms of shot peened steel surfaces for an application in sheet-bulk metal forming (2017) Löffler M, Engel U, Andreas K, Merklein M Conference contribution Investigation of the Adhesive Wear Behavior of Alloyed and Not Alloyed Hot Stamping Tools in Contact with 22MnB5 (2017) Neubauer F, Tenner J, Andreas K, Merklein M Conference contribution Numerical and experimental investigation of dry deep drawing of aluminum alloys with conventional and coated tool surfaces (2017) Tenner J, Andreas K, Radius A, Merklein M Conference contribution Tribological behavior of Zn coated 22MnB5 in hot stamping (2017) Schwingenschlögl P, Tenner J, Andreas K, Merklein M Conference contribution