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A Genuine Trivalent Bis-Acylphosphide (BAP) Complex of Uranium (2024) Hochholzer J, Waldschmidt P, Heinemann FW, Grützmacher H, Meyer K Journal article The synthesis and characterization of an iron(VII) nitrido complex (2024) Keilwerth M, Mao W, Malischewski M, Jannuzzi SA, Breitwieser K, Heinemann FW, Scheurer A, et al. Journal article Evolution of a ‘privileged’ P-alkene ligand: added planar chirality beats BINOL axial chirality in catalytic asymmetric C-C bond formation (2023) Leinauer L, Parla G, Messelberger J, Herrera AC, Heinemann FW, Langer J, Chuchelkin I, et al. Journal article Self‐Assembled Supported Ionic Liquids (2023) Tavera Méndez CL, Bergen A, Trzeciak S, Heinemann FW, Graf R, Zahn D, Meyer K, et al. Journal article Investigation of ferroelectric Ba1−xCaxZryTi1−yO3 single crystal by in situ temperature-dependent x-ray diffraction and first-principles calculations (2023) Gadelmawla A, Spreafico S, Heinemann FW, Urushihara D, Liu D, Li Q, Yan Q, et al. Journal article Hydrogen-bond-assisted topochemical synthesis of a multivalent zwitterionic tetramer via concomitant cross- and homo [2+2] photocycloadditions. Theoretical antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 (2023) Escalona A, Heinemann FW, Briceño A, Alvarado YJ, Paz JL, Lossada C, González-Paz L, et al. Journal article Synthesis and Reactivity of a Cobalt-Supported Singlet Nitrene (2023) Mao W, Zhang Z, Fehn D, Jannuzzi SA, Heinemann FW, Scheurer A, van Gastel M, et al. Journal article Uranium-Mediated Peroxide Activation and a Precursor toward an Elusive Uranium cis-Dioxo Fleeting Intermediate (2023) Hartline D, Löffler S, Fehn D, Kasper JM, Heinemann FW, Yang P, Batista ER, Meyer K Journal article Homoleptic Acetylacetonate (acac) and ?-Ketoiminate (acnac) Complexes of Uranium (2023) Waldschmidt P, Riedhammer J, Hartline D, Heinemann FW, Meyer K Journal article Closed Synthetic Cycle for Nickel-Based Dihydrogen Formation (2023) Hosseinmardi S, Scheurer A, Heinemann FW, Marigo N, Munz D, Meyer K Journal article