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Predicting mammographic density with linear ultrasound transducers (2023) Behrens A, Fasching P, Schwenke E, Gaß P, Häberle L, Heindl F, Heusinger K, et al. Journal article Ex Vivo Chromosomal Radiosensitivity Testing in Patients with Pathological Germline Variants in Breast Cancer High-Susceptibility Genes BReast CAncer 1 and BReast CAncer 2 (2023) Zuhair Kassem T, Wunderle M, Kuhlmann L, Rübner M, Hübner H, Hoyer J, Reis A, et al. Journal article Mammary carcinoma in men (2023) Preuss C, Wunderle M, Hack C, Beckmann M, Wenkel E, Jud S, Heindl F Journal article, Editorial Breast volume assessment with a smart phone device compared to MRI (2022) Behrens A, Wunderle M, Häberle L, Stamminger M, Zint D, Emons J, Heindl F, et al. Conference contribution Molecular Subtyping of Invasive Breast Cancer Using a PAM50-Based Multigene Expression Test-Comparison with Molecular-Like Subtyping by Tumor Grade/Immunohistochemistry and Influence on Oncologist's Decision on Systemic Therapy in a Real-World Setting (2022) Erber R, Angeloni M, Stöhr R, Lux MP, Ulbrich-Gebauer D, Pelz E, Bankfalvi A, et al. Journal article Mutations in BRCA1/2 and Other Panel Genes in Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer -Association With Patient and Disease Characteristics and Effect on Prognosis (2021) Fasching P, Yadav S, Hu C, Wunderle M, Häberle L, Hart SN, Rübner M, et al. Journal article HLA-G and HLA-F protein isoform expression in breast cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant treatment (2020) Würfel F, Hübner H, Häberle L, Gaß P, Hein A, Jud S, Hack C, et al. Journal article Influence of the Family Anamnesis of Breast or Ovarian Cancer on the pathological Complete Remission and the Prognosis in Patients with Breast Cancer after neoadjuvant Chemotherapy (2020) Gaß P, Haberle L, Hein A, Jud S, Lux MP, Hack C, Emons J, et al. Conference contribution Breast MRI texture analysis for prediction of BRCA-associated genetic risk (2020) Vasileiou G, Costa MJ, Long C, Wetzler I, Hoyer J, Kraus C, Popp B, et al. Journal article RANKL and OPG and their influence on breast volume changes during pregnancy in healthy women (2020) Wunderle M, Rübner M, Häberle L, Schwenke E, Hack C, Bayer CM, Koch M, et al. Journal article
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