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In Silico Study of Camptothecin-Based Pro-Drugs Binding to Human Carboxylesterase 2 (2024) Beierlein F, Horn A, Sticht H, Mokhir A, Imhof P Journal article A concept of dual-responsive prodrugs based on oligomerization-controlled reactivity of ester groups: an improvement of cancer cells versus neutrophils selectivity of camptothecin (2024) Klemt I, Reshetnikov V, Dutta S, Bila G, Bilyy R, Cuartero IC, Hidalgo A, et al. Journal article, Original article Oxidation Enhances Binding of Extrahelical 5-Methyl-Cytosines by Thymine DNA Glycosylase (2022) Beierlein F, Volkenandt S, Imhof P Journal article Interaction of thymine dna glycosylase with oxidised 5-methyl-cytosines in their amino-and imino-forms (2021) Volkenandt S, Beierlein F, Imhof P Journal article Tautomeric Equilibria of Nucleobases in the Hachimoji Expanded Genetic Alphabet (2020) Eberlein L, Beierlein F, van Eikema Hommes N, Radadiya A, Heil J, Benner SA, Clark T, et al. Journal article 2'-Alkynyl spin-labelling is a minimally perturbing tool for DNA structural analysis (2020) Hardwick JS, Haugland MM, El-Sagheer AH, Ptchelkine D, Beierlein F, Lane AN, Brown T, et al. Journal article Identification of Boronic Acid Derivatives as an Active Form of N-Alkylaminoferrocene-Based Anticancer Prodrugs and Their Radiolabeling with 18F (2019) Daum S, Toms J, Reshetnikov V, Özkan H, Hampel F, Maschauer S, Hakimioun AH, et al. Journal article, Original article Propagation of Holes and Electrons in Metal-Organic Frameworks (2019) Kriebel M, Hennemann M, Beierlein F, Medina DD, Bein T, Clark T Journal article Hybrids of a 9-anthracenyl moiety and fluorescein as chemodosimeters for the detection of singlet oxygen in live cells (2019) Chercheja S, Daum S, Xu H, Beierlein F, Mokhir A Journal article Red light-triggered nucleic acid-templated reaction based on cyclic oligonucleotide substrates (2019) Zozulia O, Bachmann T, Deussner-Helfmann NS, Beierlein F, Heilemann M, Mokhir A Journal article
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