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Experimental investigation of a process chain combining sheet metal bending and laser beam melting of Ti-6Al-4V (2017) Butzhammer L, Dubjella P, Huber F, Schaub A, Aumüller M, Baum A, Petrunenko O, et al. Conference contribution Interaction of Additive Manufacturing and Forming (2016) Merklein M, Dubjella P, Schaub A, Butzhammer L, Schmidt M Conference contribution Additive Manufacturing of Functional Elements on Sheet Metal (2016) Schaub A, Ahuja B, Butzhammer L, Osterziel J, Schmidt M, Merklein M Journal article A ROUND ROBIN STUDY FOR LASER BEAM MELTING IN METAL POWDER BED (2016) Ahuja B, Schaub A, Junker D, Karg M, Tenner F, Plettke R, Merklein M, Schmidt M Journal article Numerical Investigation for Superplastic Forming Tool Development Within the Combined Process Chain of Forming and Additive Manufacturing (2016) Schaub A, Degner J, Ahuja B, Schmidt M, Merklein M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Technologies - An Analysis regarding Potentials and Applications (2016) Merklein M, Junker D, Schaub A, Neubauer F Journal article Effect of process conditions on mechanical behavior of aluminium wrought alloy EN AW-2618 additively manufactured by Laser Beam Melting in powder bed (2015) Karg M, Ahuja B, Schaub A, Schmidt J, Sachs M, Mahr A, Wiesenmayer S, et al. Conference contribution High Power Laser Beam Melting of Ti-6Al-4V on Formed Sheet Metal to achieve Hybrid structures (2015) Ahuja B, Schaub A, Karg M, Schmidt R, Merklein M, Schmidt M Conference contribution Development of a New Method for Producing Plane Expanded Metal by Laser Cutting and Forming of Metal Plates under Uniaxial Tension (2015) Merklein M, Junker D, Schaub A, Kretschmer A, Lechner M Journal article Mechanical Testing of Additive Manufactured Metal Parts (2015) Merklein M, Plettke R, Junker D, Schaub A, Ahuja B Journal article
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