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Screening Supramolecular Interactions between Carbon Nanodots and Porphyrins (2018) Cadranel A, Strauß V, Margraf J, Winterfeld K, Vogl C, Dordevic L, Arcudi F, et al. Journal article Fine-tuning the assemblies of carbon nanodots and porphyrins (2018) Scharl T, Cadranel A, Haines P, Strauß V, Bernhardt S, Vela S, Atienza C, et al. Journal article Dithiafulvenyl-Extended N-Heterotriangulenes and Their Interaction with C60: Cooperative Fluorescence (2017) Gliemann B, Strauß V, Hitzenberger J, Dral PO, Hampel F, Gisselbrecht JP, Drewello T, et al. Journal article Porphyrin Antennas on Carbon Nanodots: Excited State Energy and Electron Transduction (2017) Arcudi F, Strauß V, Dordevic L, Cadranel A, Guldi DM, Prato M Journal article Shedding light on the effective fluorophore structure of high fluorescence quantum yield carbon nanodots (2017) Wang W, Wang B, Embrechts H, Damm C, Cadranel A, Strauß V, Distaso M, et al. Journal article, Original article Catching metallic nitride endohedral fullerenes in organic and aqueous media (2016) Strauß V, Radhakrishnan SG, Malig J, Jux N, Guldi DM Journal article Efficient Energy-Conversion Materials for the Future: Understanding and Tailoring Charge-Transfer Processes in Carbon Nanostructures (2016) Strauß V, Roth AM, Sekita M, Guldi DM Journal article, Review article The mechanical bond on carbon nanotubes: Diameter-selective functionalization and effects on physical properties (2016) Martinez-Perinan E, De Juan A, Pouillon Y, Schierl C, Strauß V, Martin N, Rubio A, et al. Journal article Using carbon nanodots as inexpensive and environmentally friendly sensitizers in mesoscopic solar cells (2016) Margraf J, Lodermeyer F, Strauß V, Haines P, Walter J, Peukert W, Costa RD, et al. Journal article, Original article Assigning Electronic States in Carbon Nanodots (2016) Strauß V, Kahnt A, Zolnhofer E, Meyer K, Maid H, Placht C, Bauer W, et al. Journal article, Report
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