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Lipid Dynamics in Membranes Slowed Down by Transmembrane Proteins (2020) Ebersberger L, Schindler T, Kirsch S, Pluhackova K, Schambony A, Seydel T, Böckmann R, Unruh T Journal article Interleaflet Interaction in Phase Separated Asymmetric Lipid Bilayers (2020) Saitov A, Pluhackova K, Galimzyanov TR, Böckmann R, Akimov SA, Pohl P Conference contribution Structural Model of the mIgM B-Cell Receptor Transmembrane Domain From Self-Association Molecular Dynamics Simulations (2018) Frieß M, Pluhackova K, Böckmann R Journal article, Original article Closely related, yet unique: Distinct homo- and heterodimerization patterns of G protein coupled chemokine receptors and their fine-tuning by cholesterol. (2018) Gahbauer S, Pluhackova K, Böckmann R Journal article, Original article Dynamic processes in biological membrane mimics revealed by quasielastic neutron scattering. (2017) Lautner L, Pluhackova K, Barth N, Seydel T, Lohstroh W, Böckmann R, Unruh T Journal article, Review article A Critical Comparison of Biomembrane Force Fields: Protein-Lipid Interactions at the Membrane Interface. (2017) Pluhackova K, Sandoval Perez G, Böckmann R Journal article, Original article The Multifaceted Role of SNARE Proteins in Membrane Fusion. (2017) Han J, Pluhackova K, Böckmann R Journal article, Review article Dynamic Cholesterol-Conditioned Dimerization of the G Protein Coupled Chemokine Receptor Type 4. (2016) Pluhackova K, Gahbauer S, Kranz F, Wassenaar T, Böckmann R Journal article, Original article A Coiled-Coil Peptide Shaping Lipid Bilayers upon Fusion. (2016) Rabe M, Aisenbrey C, Pluhackova K, De Wert V, Boyle AL, Bruggeman DF, Kirsch S, et al. Journal article, Original article Binding Characteristics of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate to ApoM hints to Assisted Release Mechanism via the ApoM Calyx-Opening. (2016) Zhang H, Pluhackova K, Jiang Z, Böckmann R Journal article
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