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Two remarkable serine/leucine polymorphisms in Helicobacter pylori: functional importance for serine protease HtrA and adhesin BabA (2024) Backert S, Tegtmeyer N, Horn A, Sticht H, Linz B Journal article Heterozygous loss-of-function variants in DOCK4 cause neurodevelopmental delay and microcephaly (2024) Herbst C, Bothe V, Wegler M, Axer-Schaefer S, Audebert-Bellanger S, Gecz J, Cogne B, et al. Journal article In Silico Study of Camptothecin-Based Pro-Drugs Binding to Human Carboxylesterase 2 (2024) Beierlein F, Horn A, Sticht H, Mokhir A, Imhof P Journal article Computational Characterization of the Binding Properties of the HIV1-Neutralizing Antibody PG16 and Design of PG16-Derived CDRH3 Peptides (2023) Deubler M, Weißenborn L, Leukel S, Horn A, Eichler J, Sticht H Journal article Computational Analysis of Histamine Protonation Effects on H1R Binding (2023) Conrad M, Horn A, Sticht H Journal article The Interactive Complex between Cytomegalovirus Kinase vCDK/pUL97 and Host Factors CDK7-Cyclin H Determines Individual Patterns of Transcription in Infected Cells. (2023) Schütz M, Cordsmeier A, Wangen C, Horn A, Wyler E, Enßer A, Sticht H, Marschall M Journal article Challenges for the implementation of next generation sequencing-based expanded carrier screening: Lessons learned from the ciliopathies (2022) Vintschger E, Kraemer D, Joset P, Horn A, Rauch A, Sticht H, Bachmann-Gagescu R Journal article A previously unknown Argonaute 2 variant positively modulates the viability of melanoma cells (2022) Linck-Paulus L, Meißgeier T, Pieger K, Horn A, Matthies AO, Fischer S, Meister G, et al. Journal article Merging bioresponsive release of insulin-like growth factor I with 3D printable thermogelling hydrogels (2022) Beudert M, Hahn L, Horn A, Hauptstein N, Sticht H, Meinel L, Luxenhofer R, et al. Journal article, Original article A novel D-amino acid peptide with therapeutic potential (ISAD1) inhibits aggregation of neurotoxic disease-relevant mutant Tau and prevents Tau toxicity in vitro (2022) Aillaud I, Kaniyappan S, Chandupatla RR, Ramirez LM, Alkhashrom S, Eichler J, Horn A, et al. Journal article