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Tuning catalyst performance in the SILP-catalyzed gas-phase hydroformylation of but-1-ene by choice of the ionic liquid (2023) Schörner M, Schönweiz A, Vignesh S, Mokrushina L, Thommes M, Franke R, Haumann M Journal article Supported homogeneous catalyst makes its own liquid phase (2015) Kaftan A, Schönweiz A, Nikiforidis I, Hieringer W, Dyballa KM, Franke R, Görling A, et al. Journal article Immobilized catalytically active composition for hydroformylation of olefin-containing mixtures. (2014) Dyballa KM, Franke R, Hahn H, Becker M, Schönweiz A, Debuschewitz J, Walter S, et al. Other publication type, Patent Ligand-Modified Rhodium Catalysts on Porous Silica in the Continuous Gas-Phase Hydroformylation of Short-Chain Alkenes-Catalytic Reaction in Liquid-Supported Aldol Products (2013) Schönweiz A, Debuschewitz J, Walter S, Woelfel R, Hahn H, Dyballa KM, Franke R, et al. Journal article Application of supported ionic liquid phase catalyst systems in the hydroformylation of olefin-containing mixtures to aldehyde mixtures with high portion of nonbranched aldehydes. (2012) Franke R, Brausch N, Fridag D, Christiansen A, Becker M, Wasserscheid P, Haumann M, et al. Other publication type, Patent Continuous Gas-Phase Hydroformylation of a Highly Diluted Technical C4 Feed using Supported Ionic Liquid Phase Catalysts (2011) Haumann M, Jakuttis M, Franke R, Schönweiz A, Wasserscheid P Journal article Rhodium-Phosphite SILP Catalysis for the Highly Selective Hydroformylation of Mixed C4 Feedstocks (2011) Jakuttis M, Schönweiz A, Werner S, Franke R, Wiese KD, Haumann M, Wasserscheid P Journal article Selectivity enhancement in the catalytic hydrogenation of propionitrile using ionic liquid multiphase reaction systems (2009) Obert K, Roth D, Ehrig M, Schönweiz A, Assenbaum D, Lange H, Wasserscheid P Journal article