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Fundamental data structures for matrix-free finite elements on hybrid tetrahedral grids (2023) Kohl N, Bauer D, Böhm F, Rüde U Journal article TEXTBOOK EFFICIENCY: MASSIVELY PARALLEL MATRIX-FREE MULTIGRID FOR THE STOKES SYSTEM (2022) Kohl N, Rüde U Journal article A MASSIVELY PARALLEL EULERIAN-LAGRANGIAN METHOD FOR ADVECTION-DOMINATED TRANSPORT IN VISCOUS FLUIDS (2022) Kohl N, Mohr M, Eibl S, Rüde U Journal article Resiliency in numerical algorithm design for extreme scale simulations (2021) Agullo E, Altenbernd M, Anzt H, Bautista-Gomez L, Benacchio T, Bonaventura L, Bungartz HJ, et al. Journal article, Report Code generation approaches for parallel geometric multigrid solvers (2020) Köstler H, Heisig M, Kohl N, Kuckuk S, Bauer M, Rüde U Journal article Massively Parallel Multigrid with Direct Coarse Grid Solvers (2020) Huber M, Kohl N, Leleux P, Rüde U, Thönnes D, Wohlmuth B Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Terraneo—mantle convection beyond a trillion degrees of freedom (2020) Bauer S, Bunge HP, Drzisga D, Ghelichkhan S, Huber M, Kohl N, Mohr M, et al. Book chapter / Article in edited volumes WALBERLA: A block-structured high-performance framework for multiphysics simulations (2020) Bauer M, Eibl S, Godenschwager C, Kohl N, Kuron M, Rettinger C, Schornbaum F, et al. Journal article HyTeG: A High Performance Multigrid Framework on Hybrid Meshes (2019) Thönnes D, Kohl N, Drzisga D, Bartuschat D, Rüde U Conference contribution, Conference Contribution The HyTeG Finite-Element Framework for Scalable Geophysics Simulations (2019) Kohl N Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster
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