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RESEARCH METHODS IN MOTIVATION SCIENCE; Developing a Causally Valid Picture-Story Measure of Sexual Motivation: II. Effects of Film Clips (2023) Schultheiss O, Hinzmann J, Bergmann S, Matthes M, Beyer B, Janson K Journal article The Ulna-to-Fibula Ratio as a Marker of Organizational Hormone Effects on Implicit Motive Development: A High-Powered Preregistered Replication (2022) Köllner M, Puelschen LS, Stamm L, Janson K Journal article Motive-Modulated Attentional Orienting: Implicit Power Motive Predicts Attentional Avoidance of Signals of Interpersonal Dominance (2021) Janson K, Köllner M, Khalaidovski K, Pülschen LS, Rudnaya A, Stamm L, Schultheiss O Journal article Measuring Implicit Motives with the Picture Story Exercise (PSE): Databases of Expert-Coded German Stories, Pictures, and Updated Picture Norms (2020) Schönbrodt FD, Hagemeyer B, Brandstätter V, Czikmantori T, Gröpel P, Hennecke M, Israel LS, et al. Journal article Der Anreizwert eines Gesichts: Das implizite Machtmotiv und Aufmerksamkeitsorientierung [The incentive value of a face: The implicit power motive and attentional orienting] (2019) Janson K, Köllner M, Mair L, Pülschen L, Rudnaya A, Schultheiss O Conference contribution, Conference Contribution The social biopsychology of implicit motive development (2019) Köllner M, Janson K, Bleck K Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Commentary: Sexual dimorphism of facial width-to-height ratio in human skulls and faces: A meta-analytical approach (2018) Köllner M, Janson K, Schultheiss O Journal article, other Inhibited power motivation is associated with the facial width-to-height ratio in females (2018) Janson K, Bleck K, Fenkl J, Riegl LT, Jägel F, Köllner M Journal article, Original article The sociobiological development and arousal of implicit motives: The emergence of a growth-and-prune model of motive development and the continued linkage of hormones and motives throughout the life span (2017) Köllner M, Janson K Conference contribution, Conference Contribution The implicit power motive and the facial width-to-height ratio as possible marker of organizational hormone effects during puberty (2017) Janson K, Bleck K, Fenkl J, Riegl LT, Jägel F, Köllner M Conference contribution, Conference Contribution