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Sacral neuromodulation for constipation and fecal incontinence in children and adolescents – study protocol of a prospective, randomized trial on the application of invasive vs. non-invasive technique (2024) Besendörfer M, Kirchgatter A, Carbon R, Weiss C, Müller H, Matzel K, Diez S Journal article Differences in neonatal gastric tubes during insertion into a 3D model in relation to risk of potential perforation (2024) Bartos HB, Diez S, König A, Görlach J, Besendörfer M, Mahnken AH, Drommelschmidt K, et al. Journal article Centralization as the key survival benefit in acute neonatal surgery (2024) Besendörfer M, Günster S, Linz K, Reutter HM, Diez S Journal article A comparative observational study on intrasphincteric injections with Botulinum toxin vs. enteral neuromodulation in chronic refractory constipation (2023) Walther M, Müller H, Weiß C, Carbon R, Diez S, Besendörfer M Journal article Treatment of pediatric fistula-in-ano—Sphincter-sparing non-cutting seton placement as the future treatment of choice? (2023) Besendörfer M, Langer L, Carbon R, Weiss C, Müller H, Diez S Journal article Increased expression of OLFM4 and lysozyme during necrotizing enterocolitis in neonates: an observational research study (2022) Diez S, Renner M, Bahlinger V, Hartmann A, Besendörfer M, Müller H Journal article Prediction of High Bell Stages of Necrotizing Enterocolitis Using a Mathematic Formula for Risk Determination (2022) Diez S, Bell LE, Moosmann J, Weiss C, Müller H, Besendörfer M Journal article DMBT1 expression and neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio during necrotizing enterocolitis are influenced by impaired perfusion due to cardiac anomalies. (2022) Diez S, Besendörfer M, Weyerer V, Hartmann A, Moosmann J, Weiss C, Renner M, Müller H Journal article Noninvasive Sacral Neuromodulation in Children and Adolescents: A Case-Control Study of Patients With Chronic Refractory Constipation (2022) Diez S, Kirchgatter A, Adam D, Füldner A, Müller H, Matzel K, Besendörfer M Journal article Cholelithiasis and cholecystitis in children and adolescents: Does this increasing diagnosis require a common guideline for pediatricians and pediatric surgeons? (2021) Diez S, Mueller H, Weiss C, Schellerer V, Besendörfer M Journal article
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