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Metallic nanoparticle-on-mirror: Multiple-band light harvesting and efficient photocurrent generation under visible light irradiation (2021) Tesler A, Sannomiya T, Hejazi S, Mohammadi Eslami R, Vogel N, Altomare M, Schmuki P Journal article Comparison of the sputtered TiO2 anatase and rutile thin films as electron transporting layers in perovskite solar cells (2021) Shahvaranfard F, Li N, Hosseinpour S, Hejazi S, Zhang K, Altomare M, Schmuki P, Brabec C Journal article As a single atom Pd outperforms Pt as the most active co-catalyst for photocatalytic H2 evolution (2021) Cha G, Hwang I, Hejazi S, Dobrota AS, Pašti IA, Osuagwu B, Kim H, et al. Journal article A long-term stable aqueous aluminum battery electrode based on one-dimensional molybdenum-tantalum oxide nanotube arrays (2021) Jin B, Hejazi S, Chu H, Cha G, Altomare M, Yang M, Schmuki P Journal article Intrinsically Ru-Doped Suboxide TiO2Nanotubes for Enhanced Photoelectrocatalytic H2Generation (2021) Khorashadizade E, Mohajernia S, Hejazi S, Mehdipour H, Naseri N, Moradlou O, Moshfegh AZ, Schmuki P Journal article A High-Field Anodic NiO Nanosponge with Tunable Thickness for Application in p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (2020) Sultan U, Ahmadloo F, Cha G, Gökcan B, Hejazi S, Yoo JE, Nguyen NT, et al. Journal article Alkali Metal Cation Incorporation in Conductive TiO2 Nanoflakes with Improved Photoelectrochemical H2 Generation (2020) Khorashadizade E, Mohajernia S, Hejazi S, Mehdipour H, Naseri N, Moradlou O, Liu N, et al. Journal article Engineering of the Electron Transport Layer/Perovskite Interface in Solar Cells Designed on TiO2 Rutile Nanorods (2020) Shahvaranfard F, Altomare M, Hou Y, Hejazi S, Meng W, Osuagwu EB, Li N, et al. Journal article, Original article Long-Living Holes in Grey Anatase TiO2 Enable Noble-Metal-Free and Sacrificial-Agent-Free Water Splitting (2020) Liu N, Mohajernia S, Nguyen NT, Hejazi S, Plass F, Kahnt A, Yokosawa T, et al. Journal article On the Controlled Loading of Single Platinum Atoms as a Co-Catalyst on TiO2 Anatase for Optimized Photocatalytic H2 Generation (2020) Hejazi S, Mohajernia S, Osuagwu B, Zoppellaro G, Andryskova P, Tomanec O, Kment S, et al. Journal article
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