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Correlating X-ray computed tomography observations with respirometric measurement of aluminium alloy 6063 corrosion under FeCl3 droplets (2024) Mahmood S, Bruns M, Gallagher C, Virtanen S, Engelberg DL Journal article Contribution of the oxygen reduction reaction to the electrochemical cathodic partial reaction for Mg-Al-Ca solid solutions (2023) Felten M, Zhang S, Changizi R, Scheu C, Bruns M, Strebl M, Virtanen S, Zander D Journal article Respirometric in Situ Methods for Real-Time Monitoring of Corrosion Rates: Part III. Deconvolution of Electrochemical Polarization Curves (2023) Strebl M, Bruns M, Virtanen S Journal article Long-term stability of aerophilic metallic surfaces underwater (2023) Tesler A, Kolle S, Prado L, Thievessen I, Böhringer D, Backholm M, Karunakaran B, et al. Journal article Critical factors for photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic H-2 evolution from gray anatase (001) nanosheets (2022) Qin S, Denisov N, Zhou X, Zdražil L, Fehn D, Hwang I, Bruns M, et al. Journal article Radiolysis‐Driven Evolution of Gold Nanostructures – Model Verification by Scale Bridging In Situ Liquid‐Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy and X‐Ray Diffraction (2022) Fritsch B, Zech T, Bruns M, Körner A, Khadivianazar S, Wu M, Zargar Talebi N, et al. Journal article Coupling Respirometric HER and ORR Monitoring with Electrochemical Measurements (2022) Strebl M, Bruns M, Virtanen S Journal article Overcoming Temperature-Induced Degradation of Silver Nanowire Electrodes by an Ag@SnOx Core-Shell Approach (2022) Kalancha V, These A, Vogl L, Levchuk I, Zhou X, Barr M, Bruns M, et al. Journal article Multi-Method Approach to Assess the Corrosion Behavior of a Coated WE43 Mg Alloy (2021) Höhlinger M, Bruns M, Dahlem L, Virtanen S Journal article Respirometric in situ methods for real-time monitoring of corrosion rates: Part II. Immersion (2021) Strebl M, Bruns M, Schulze G, Virtanen S Journal article