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L -gap surface resonance at Pt(111): Influence of atomic structure, d bands, and spin-orbit interaction (2024) Schöttke F, Krüger P, Hammer L, Kißlinger T, Schneider MA, Donath M Journal article Surface telluride phases on Pt(111): Reconstructive formation of unusual adsorption sites and well-ordered domain walls (2023) Kißlinger T, Schewski A, Raabgrund A, Loh H, Hammer L, Schneider MA Journal article Strongly anisotropic spin and orbital Rashba effect at a tellurium - noble metal interface (2023) Geldiyev B, Ünzelmann M, Eck P, Kißlinger T, Schusser J, Figgemeier T, Kagerer P, et al. Journal article Epitaxial inorganic metal-halide perovskite films with controlled surface terminations (2023) Rieger J, Kißlinger T, Raabgrund A, Hauner J, Niesner D, Schneider MA, Fauster T Journal article Structure-property relationship of reversible magnetic chirality tuning (2023) Qi J, Weber PM, Kißlinger T, Hammer L, Schneider MA, Bode M Journal article Submonolayer copper telluride phase on Cu(111): Ad-chain and trough formation (2021) Kißlinger T, Schneider MA, Hammer L Journal article Epitaxial Cobalt Oxide Films with Wurtzite Structure on Au(111) (2021) Ammon MM, Baumann S, Kißlinger T, Rieger J, Fauster T, Redinger J, Hammer L, Schneider MA Journal article CuTe chains on Cu(111) by deposition of one-third of a monolayer of Te: Atomic and electronic structure (2020) Kißlinger T, Raabgrund A, Geldiyev B, Ammon MM, Rieger J, Hauner J, Hammer L, et al. Journal article Orbital-Driven Rashba Effect in a Binary Honeycomb Monolayer AgTe (2020) Unzelmann M, Bentmann H, Eck P, Kißlinger T, Geldiyev B, Rieger J, Moser S, et al. Journal article Surface structure and stacking of the commensurate (√13×√13)R13.9∘ charge density wave phase of 1T−TaS2(0001) (2019) Von Witte G, Kißlinger T, Horstmann JG, Rossnagel K, Schneider MA, Ropers C, Hammer L Journal article