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Efficient sugar utilization and transition from oxidative to substrate-level phosphorylation in high starch storage roots of African cassava genotypes (2023) Lamm C, Rabbi IY, Medeiros DB, Rosado-Souza L, Pommerrenig B, Dahmani I, Rüscher D, et al. Journal article A promoter toolbox for tissue-specific expression supporting translational research in cassava (Manihot esculenta) (2022) Zierer W, Anjanappa RB, Lamm C, Chang SH, Gruissem W, Sonnewald U Journal article Multi-omics data integration reveals link between epigenetic modifications and gene expression in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris) in response to cold (2022) Gutschker S, Corral JM, Schmiedl A, Ludewig F, Koch W, Fiedler-Wiechers K, Czarnecki O, et al. Journal article Cold-Triggered Induction of ROS- and Raffinose Metabolism in Freezing-Sensitive Taproot Tissue of Sugar Beet (2021) Keller I, Müdsam C, Rodrigues CM, Kischka D, Zierer W, Sonnewald U, Harms K, et al. Journal article Tuber and Tuberous Root Development (2021) Zierer W, Rüscher D, Sonnewald U, Sonnewald S Journal article Auxin signaling and vascular cambium formation enable storage metabolism in cassava tuberous roots (2021) Rüscher D, Corral JM, Carluccio AV, Klemens PAW, Gisel A, Stavolone L, Neuhaus HE, et al. Journal article Vernalization alters sink and source identities and reverses phloem translocation from taproots to shoots in sugar beet (2020) Rodrigues CM, Müdsam C, Keller I, Zierer W, Czarnecki O, Corral JM, Reinhardt F, et al. Journal article The Cassava Source–Sink project: opportunities and challenges for crop improvement by metabolic engineering (2020) Sonnewald U, Fernie AR, Gruissem W, Schlaepfer P, Anjanappa RB, Chang SH, Ludewig F, et al. Journal article, Review article Metabolic profiles of six African cultivars of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) highlight bottlenecks of root yield (2020) Obata T, Klemens PA, Rosado-Souza L, Schlereth A, Gisel A, Stavolone L, Zierer W, et al. Journal article Cassava Metabolomics and Starch Quality (2019) Rosado-Souza L, David LC, Drapal M, Fraser PD, Hofmann J, Klemens PA, Ludewig F, et al. Journal article