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Harnessing high-energy MLCT excited states for artificial photosynthesis (2024) Cotic A, Ramírez-Wierzbicki I, Cadranel A Journal article, Review article Synthetic Strategies for the Selective Functionalization of Carbon Nanodots Allow Optically Communicating Suprastructures (2024) Bartolomei B, Sbacchi M, Rosso C, Günay-Gürer A, Zdrazil L, Cadranel A, Kralj S, et al. Journal article Influence of Donor-Acceptor Interactions on MLCT Hole Reconfiguration in {Ru(bpy)} Chromophores (2024) Cotic A, Heinemann FW, Slep LD, Cadranel A Journal article Ru Monoimines with Extended Excited-State Lifetimes and Geometrical Modulation of Photoinduced Mixed-Valence Interactions (2023) Ramirez-Wierzbicki I, Pieslinger GE, Aramburu-Troselj BM, Abate PO, Cadranel A Journal article Anti-Dissipative Strategies toward More Efficient Solar Energy Conversion (2023) Troian-Gautier L, Cadranel A, Cotic A, Cerfontaine S, Slep LD, Elias B Journal article Carbon Dots Enabling Parts-Per-Billion Sensitive and Ultraselective Photoluminescence Lifetime-Based Sensing of Inorganic Mercury (2023) Zdražil L, Panáček D, Šedajová V, Baďura Z, Langer M, Medveď M, Paloncýová M, et al. Journal article Graphene Oxide-BODIPY Conjugates as Highly Fluorescent Materials (2023) Reina G, Beneventi GM, Kaur R, Biagiotti G, Cadranel A, Ménard-Moyon C, Nishina Y, et al. Journal article Understanding the Visible Absorption of Electron Accepting and Donating CNDs (2023) Reva Y, Jana B, Langford D, Kinzelmann M, Bo Y, Schol P, Scharl T, et al. Journal article Unusually high energy barriers for internal conversion in a {Ru(bpy)} chromophore (2022) Cotic A, Veys K, Escudero D, Cadranel A Journal article Intense Photoinduced Intervalence Charge Transfer in High-Valent Iron Mixed Phenolate/Carbene Complexes (2022) Cadranel A, Gravogl L, Munz D, Meyer K Journal article
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