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Metabolic and molecular imaging in inflammatory arthritis (2024) de Sousa RN, Tascilar K, Corte G, Atzinger A, Minopoulou I, Ohrndorf S, Waldner M, et al. Journal article, Review article Rescue therapy of antisynthetase syndrome with CD19-targeted CAR-T cells after failure of several B-cell depleting antibodies (2024) Taubmann J, Knitza J, Müller F, Völkl S, Aigner M, Kleyer A, Gary R, et al. Journal article, Letter Abatacept inhibits inflammation and onset of rheumatoid arthritis in individuals at high risk (ARIAA): a randomised, international, multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (2024) Rech J, Tascilar K, Hagen M, Kleyer A, Manger B, Schönau V, Hueber A, et al. Journal article Comparison of CyberGlove III calibration methods and the application to arthritis patients (2024) Heinrich S, Michaelis J, Reiher I, Coppers B, Lohmayer M, Fleischmann ME, Kleyer A, et al. Journal article, Original article Imaging in inflammatory arthritis: progress towards precision medicine (2023) Minopoulou I, Kleyer A, Yalcin-Mutlu M, Fagni F, Kemenes S, Schmidkonz C, Atzinger A, et al. Journal article, Review article Quality of citation data using the natural language processing tool ChatGPT in rheumatology: Creation of false references (2023) Hueber AJ, Kleyer A Journal article Physical Function of RA patients Tapering Treatment—A Post Hoc Analysis of the Randomized Controlled RETRO Trial (2023) Stephan M, Tascilar K, Yalcin-Mutlu M, Hagen M, Haschka J, Reiser M, Hartmann F, et al. Journal article DeepNAPSI multi-reader nail psoriasis prediction using deep learning (2023) Folle L, Fenzl P, Fagni F, Thies M, Christlein V, Meder C, Simon D, et al. Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Identification of circulating microRNA patterns in patients in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (2023) Haschka J, Simon D, Bayat S, Messner Z, Kampylafka E, Fagni F, Skalicky S, et al. Journal article ShaRPy: Shape Reconstruction and Hand Pose Estimation from RGB-D with Uncertainty (2023) Wirth V, Liphardt AM, Coppers B, Bräunig J, Heinrich S, Leyendecker S, Kleyer A, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution