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3-D Imaging of Coronary Vessels Using C-arm CT (2019) Schwemmer C Thesis 3-D Imaging of Coronary Vessels Using C-arm CT (2019) Schwemmer C Authored book CoroEval: a multi-platform, multi-modality tool for the evaluation of 3D coronary vessel reconstructions (2014) Schwemmer C, Forman C, Wetzl J, Maier A, Hornegger J Journal article Clinical Data Evaluation of C-arm-based Motion Compensated Coronary Artery Reconstruction (2014) Schwemmer C, Lauritsch G, Kleinfeld A, Rohkohl C, Müller K, Hornegger J Conference contribution, Original article Catheter artifact reduction (CAR) in dynamic cardiac chamber imaging with interventional C-arm CT (2014) Müller K, Lauritsch G, Schwemmer C, Maier A, Taubmann O, Abt B, Köhler H, et al. Conference contribution, Original article Automatic Removal of Externally Attached Fiducial Markers in Cone Beam C-arm CT (2014) Berger M, Forman C, Schwemmer C, Choi JH, Müller K, Maier A, Hornegger J, Fahrig R Conference contribution, Original article Interventional heart wall motion analysis with cardiac C-arm CT systems (2014) Müller K, Maier A, Zheng Y, Wang Y, Lauritsch G, Schwemmer C, Rohkohl C, et al. Journal article Towards Clinical Application of a Laplace Operator-based Region of Interest Reconstruction Algorithm in C-arm CT (2014) Xia Y, Hofmann H, Dennerlein F, Müller K, Schwemmer C, Bauer S, Chintalapani G, et al. Journal article Image artefact propagation in motion estimation and reconstruction in interventional cardiac C-arm CT (2014) Müller K, Maier A, Schwemmer C, Lauritsch G, De Buck S, Wielandts JY, Hornegger J, Fahrig R Journal article CONRAD - A software framework for cone-beam imaging in radiology (2013) Maier A, Hofmann H, Berger M, Fischer P, Schwemmer C, Wu H, Müller K, et al. Journal article, Original article
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