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As a single atom Pd outperforms Pt as the most active co-catalyst for photocatalytic H2 evolution (2021) Cha G, Hwang I, Hejazi S, Dobrota AS, Pašti IA, Osuagwu B, Kim H, et al. Journal article Intrinsically Ru-Doped Suboxide TiO2Nanotubes for Enhanced Photoelectrocatalytic H2Generation (2021) Khorashadizade E, Mohajernia S, Hejazi S, Mehdipour H, Naseri N, Moradlou O, Moshfegh AZ, Schmuki P Journal article Self-assembly of a Ni(I)-photocatalyst for plain water splitting without sacrificial agents (2021) Qin S, Badura Z, Denisov N, Tomanec O, Mohajernia S, Liu N, Kment S, et al. Journal article High-performance hydrogen evolution electrocatalysis using proton-intercalated TiO2nanotube arrays as interactive supports for Ir nanoparticles (2020) Lačnjevac U, Vasilić R, Dobrota A, Đurđić S, Tomanec O, Zbořil R, Mohajernia S, et al. Journal article Alkali Metal Cation Incorporation in Conductive TiO2 Nanoflakes with Improved Photoelectrochemical H2 Generation (2020) Khorashadizade E, Mohajernia S, Hejazi S, Mehdipour H, Naseri N, Moradlou O, Liu N, et al. Journal article Long-Living Holes in Grey Anatase TiO2 Enable Noble-Metal-Free and Sacrificial-Agent-Free Water Splitting (2020) Liu N, Mohajernia S, Nguyen NT, Hejazi S, Plass F, Kahnt A, Yokosawa T, et al. Journal article On the Controlled Loading of Single Platinum Atoms as a Co-Catalyst on TiO2 Anatase for Optimized Photocatalytic H2 Generation (2020) Hejazi S, Mohajernia S, Osuagwu B, Zoppellaro G, Andryskova P, Tomanec O, Kment S, et al. Journal article Influence of Ti3+ defect-type on heterogeneous photocatalytic H2 evolution activity of TiO2 (2020) Mohajernia S, Andryskova P, Zoppellaro G, Hejazi S, Kment S, Zboril R, Schmidt J, Schmuki P Journal article MoP-protected Mo oxide nanotube arrays for long-term stable supercapacitors (2019) Bowen J, Hejazi S, Hongqi C, Mohajernia S, Nguyen NT, Min Y, Altomare M, Schmuki P Journal article Photocatalytic H-2 Evolution: Dealloying as Efficient Tool for the Fabrication of Rh-decorated TiO2 Nanotubes (2019) Sheikh Zadeh M, Hejazi S, Mohajernia S, Tomanec O, Mokhtar M, Alshehri A, Sanjabi S, et al. Journal article
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