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Confirmation and expansion of the phenotype of the TCEAL1-related neurodevelopmental disorder (2024) Albuainain F, Shi Y, Lor-Zade S, Hüffmeier U, Pauly M, Reis A, Faivre L, et al. Journal article De novo variants predicting haploinsufficiency for DIP2C are associated with expressive speech delay (2024) Ha T, Morgan A, Bartos MN, Beatty K, Cogné B, Braun D, Gerber CB, et al. Journal article Severe manifestation of Rauch-Azzarello syndrome associated with biallelic deletion of CTNND2 (2024) Pauly M, Krumbiegel M, Trumpp S, Braig S, Rupprecht T, Kraus C, Uebe S, et al. Journal article Expanded phenotypic spectrum of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorder Bryant-Li-Bhoj syndrome with 38 additional individuals (2024) Layo-Carris DE, Lubin EE, Sangree AK, Clark KJ, Durham EL, Gonzalez EM, Smith S, et al. Journal article Pathogenic PHIP Variants are Variably Associated With CAKUT (2024) de Fallois J, Sieckmann T, Schönauer R, Petzold F, Münch J, Pauly M, Vasileiou G, et al. Journal article Determinants Affecting the Clinical Implementation of a Molecularly Informed Molecular Tumor Board Recommendation: Experience from a Tertiary Cancer Center. (2023) Tögel L, Schubart C, Lettmaier S, Neufert C, Hoyer J, Wolff K, Moskalev E, et al. Journal article Different MAPT haplotypes influence expression of total MAPT in postmortem brain tissue (2023) Tauber CV, Schwarz SC, Rösler TW, Arzberger T, Gentleman S, Windl O, Krumbiegel M, et al. Journal article Analysis of genetically determined gene expression suggests role of inflammatory processes in exfoliation syndrome (2023) Hirbo JB, Pasutto F, Gamazon ER, Evans P, Pawar P, Berner D, Sealock J, et al. Journal article Association of mineral and bone biomarkers with adverse cardiovascular outcomes and mortality in the German Chronic Kidney Disease (GCKD) cohort (2023) Reimer KC, Nadal J, Meiselbach H, Schmid M, Schultheiss UT, Kotsis F, Stockmann H, et al. Journal article Ex Vivo Chromosomal Radiosensitivity Testing in Patients with Pathological Germline Variants in Breast Cancer High-Susceptibility Genes BReast CAncer 1 and BReast CAncer 2 (2023) Zuhair Kassem T, Wunderle M, Kuhlmann L, Rübner M, Hübner H, Hoyer J, Reis A, et al. Journal article