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Social and environmental costs: The impact of accounting and analytical support on enterprises' sustainable development in Germany and Ukraine (2020) Sokil O, Zvezdov D, Zhuk V, Kucherkova S, Sakhno L Journal article Der erfolgreiche Abbau von Einkaufsbarrieren in Unverpackt-Läden. (2020) Heinl L, Zvezdov D, Mazurek J, Fischer C Journal article Addressing sustainability information needs along supply chains (2019) Akhavan R, Zvezdov D Journal article Interactions Along the Supply Chain for Building Dynamic Capabilities for Sustainable Supply Chain Management (2018) Zvezdov D, Akhavan R Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Sustainability and management control. Exploring and theorizing control patterns in large European firms (2017) Crutzen N, Zvezdov D, Schaltegger S Journal article Corporate Climate Accounting (2016) Schaltegger S, Zvezdov D, Günther E, Csutora M, Alvarez I Edited Volume Carbon footprinting of large product portfolios. Extending the use of Enterprise Resource Planning systems to carbon information management (2016) Zvezdov D, Hack S Journal article Management Roles and Sustainability Information. Exploring corporate practices (2015) Schaltegger S, Burritt R, Zvezdov D, Hörisch J, Tingey-Holyoak J Journal article Elektrogeräte. Ein Geschäftsmodell für deren nachhaltige Verwertung und Wiederverwendung. (2015) Zvezdov D Authored book, Monography Advancing Corporate Sustainability, CSR and Business Ethics (2015) Hansen E, Zvezdov D, Harms D, Lenssen G Journal article
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