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Individualized neoantigen peptide immunization of a metastatic pancreatic cancer patient: a case report of combined tumor and liquid biopsy (2024) Roehnisch T, Martos-Contreras MC, Manoochehri M, Nogueira M, Bremm F, Dörrie J, Christoph J, et al. Journal article Usability Analysis of a Medication Visualization Tool for Decision Support (2023) Schmidtchen L, Villis M, Christoph J, Rödle W Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Demand Analysis of a German Emergency Medical Service Feedback System (2023) Keimer M, Villis M, Christoph J, Rödle W Book chapter / Article in edited volumes N-glycosylation Regulates Intrinsic IFN-γ Resistance in Colorectal Cancer: Implications for Immunotherapy (2023) Krug J, Rodrian G, Petter K, Yang H, Khoziainova S, Guo W, Benard A, et al. Journal article Searching of Clinical Trials Made Easier in cBioPortal Using Patients' Genetic and Clinical Profiles (2022) Unberath P, Mahlmeister L, Reimer N, Busch H, Boerries M, Christoph J Journal article Attitudes and Acceptance Towards Artificial Intelligence in Medical Care. (2022) Holzner D, Apfelbacher T, Rödle W, Schüttler C, Prokosch HU, Mikolajczyk R, Negash S, et al. Journal article cbpManager: a web application to streamline the integration of clinical and genomic data in cBioPortal to support the Molecular Tumor Board (2021) Ustjanzew A, Desuki A, Ritzel C, Dolezilek AC, Wagner DC, Christoph J, Unberath P, et al. Journal article Distribution and Cytokine Profile of Peripheral B Cell Subsets Is Perturbed in Pediatric IBD and Partially Restored during a Successful IFX Therapy (2021) Schnell A, Schwarz B, Wahlbuhl M, Allabauer I, Hess M, Weber S, Werner F, et al. Journal article Challenges and Experiences Extending the cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics to a Molecular Tumor Board Platform. (2021) Reimer N, Unberath P, Busch H, Börries M, Metzger P, Ustjanzew A, Renner C, et al. Journal article Integrating Genomics and Clinical Data for Statistical Analysis by Using GEnome MINIng (GEMINI) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR): System Design and Implementation (2020) Gründner J, Wolf N, Tögel L, Haller F, Prokosch HU, Christoph J Journal article
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