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Modelling the flexoelectric effect in solids: A micromorphic approach (2020) McBride AT, Davydov D, Steinmann P Journal article Algorithms and Data Structures for Matrix-Free Finite Element Operators with MPI-Parallel Sparse Multi-Vectors (2020) Davydov D, Kronbichler M Journal article A matrix-free approach for finite-strain hyperelastic problems using geometric multigrid (2020) Davydov D, Pelteret JP, Arndt D, Kronbichler M, Steinmann P Journal article Cutoff-Based Modeling of Coulomb Interactions for Atomistic-to-Continuum Multiscale Methods (2019) Boddu V, Davydov D, Eidel B, Steinmann P Journal article, Original article Reduced-Order Modelling and Homogenisation in Magneto-Mechanics: A Numerical Comparison of Established Hyper-Reduction Methods (2019) Brands B, Davydov D, Mergheim J, Steinmann P Journal article On the equivalence of the two foundational formulations for atomistic flux in inhomogeneous transport processes (2019) Diaz A, Davydov D, Chen Y Journal article Modelling the flexoelectric effect in solids (2019) Mcbride A, Davydov D, Steinmann P Conference contribution DFT-FE – A massively parallel adaptive finite-element code for large-scale density functional theory calculations (2019) Motamarri P, Das S, Rudraraju S, Ghosh K, Davydov D, Gavini V Journal article The deal.II Library, Version 9.1 (2019) Arndt D, Bangerth W, Clevenger TC, Davydov D, Fehling M, Garcia-Sanchez D, Harper G, et al. Journal article Matrix-Free Locally Adaptive Finite Element Solution of Density-Functional Theory With Nonorthogonal Orbitals and Multigrid Preconditioning (2018) Davydov D, Heister T, Kronbichler M, Steinmann P Journal article
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