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A variational approach to Continuous Time Dynamic Models (2024) Meinlschmidt H, Sons M, Stemmler M Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Hardly any gender differences among opioid users in prison (2023) Boksán K, Weiss M, Geißelsöder K, Dechant M, Endres J, Breuer M, Stemmler M, Wodarz N Journal article Life adversities of clients seeking advice for suicidal ideation from an online peer counseling service: Characteristics and associations with outcomes (2023) Hildebrand A, Weiss M, Stemmler M Journal article Dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system in adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A systematic review (2023) Geiss L, Stemmler M, Beck B, Hillemacher T, Widder M, Hösl KM Journal article Long-term follow-up of a multimodal day clinic, group-based treatment program for patients with very high risk for complex posttraumatic stress disorder, and for patients with non-complex trauma-related disorders (2023) Bever-Philipps A, Silbermann A, Morawa E, Schäflein E, Stemmler M, Erim Y Journal article Eine mikrosoziologisch inspirierte empirische Annäherung an die positive Generalprävention: Panelanalysen aus Deutschland mit gemischten Befunden (2023) Hirtenlehner H, Reinecke J, Stemmler M Journal article Women-only versus mixed-gender groups in multimodal, day clinic treatment of trauma-related disorders (2022) Philipps A, Hepp T, Silbermann A, Morawa E, Stemmler M, Erim Y Journal article Wirken Online-Peer-Suizidpräventionsprogramme? (2022) Hildebrand A, Weiss M, Braun-Scharm H, Stemmler M Journal article A meta-analysis on the effects of incarceration-based opioid substitution treatment (2022) Boksán K, Dechant M, Weiss M, Hellwig A, Stemmler M Journal article, Review article App-based maintenance treatment for alcohol use disorder after acute inpatient treatment: Study protocol for a multicentre randomized controlled trial (2022) Saur S, Weisel K, Lang C, Fuhrmann L, Steins-Loeber S, Enewoldsen N, Reichl D, et al. Journal article