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L-Arginine metabolism inhibits arthritis and inflammatory bone loss (2023) Cao S, Li Y, Song R, Meng X, Fuchs M, Liang C, Kachler K, et al. Journal article Chronic Systemic Infection of Mice with Leishmania infantum Leads to Increased Bone Mass (2022) Lai C, Heinemann J, Schleicher U, Schett G, Bogdan C, Bozec A, Soulat D Journal article Eosinophils, but Not Type 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells, Are the Predominant Source of Interleukin 4 during the Innate Phase of Leishmania major Infection (2022) Sasse C, Barinberg D, Obermeyer S, Debus A, Schleicher U, Bogdan C Journal article L-ARGININE REPROGRAMS OSTEOCLAST PURINE METABOLISM AMELIORATING BONE LOSS IN RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS (2022) Cao S, Song R, Meng X, Kachler K, Fuchs M, Meng X, Li Y, et al. Conference contribution Macrophages inhibit Coxiella burnetii by the ACOD1-itaconate pathway for containment of Q fever (2022) Kohl L, Siddique MNAA, Bodendorfer B, Berger R, Preikschat A, Daniel C, Ölke M, et al. Journal article Arginase 1 of myeloid cells accounts for disease chronicity in Leishmania mexicana-infected mice (2021) Rai B, Debus A, Liang Chunguang , Kunz M, Rauh M, Bogdan C, Schleicher U Conference contribution Cytokine-Mediated Regulation of ARG1 in Macrophages and Its Impact on the Control of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Infection (2021) Brigo N, Pfeifhofer-Obermair C, Tymoszuk P, Demetz E, Engl S, Barros-Pinkelnig M, Dichtl S, et al. Journal article Mycobacterial Cord Factor Reprograms the Macrophage Response to IFN-γ towards Enhanced Inflammation yet Impaired Antigen Presentation and Expression of GBP1 (2020) Huber A, Killy B, Grummel N, Bodendorfer B, Paul S, Wiesmann V, Naschberger E, et al. Journal article, Original article Arginase expression impedes the resolution of intestinal inflammation by altering the fecal microbiome and the metabolome (2020) Baier J, Gänsbauer M, Giessler C, Arnold H, Muske M, Schleicher U, Lukassen S, et al. Journal article Cutting edge: TNF is essential for mycobacteria-induced MINCLE expression, macrophage activation, and Th17 adjuvanticity (2020) Schick J, Schäfer J, Alexander C, Dichtl S, Murray PJ, Christensen D, Sorg U, et al. Journal article