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Using a screw-type machine as reversible compressor–expander in a Carnot Battery: An analytical study towards efficiency (2022) Steger D, Feist M, Schlücker E Journal article Organic flash cycles in Rankine-based Carnot batteries with large storage temperature spreads (2022) Weitzer M, Müller D, Steger D, Charalampidis A, Karellas S, Karl J Journal article Heat Exchangers in Carnot Batteries: Condensation and Evaporation in a Reversible Device (2021) Steger D, Regensburger C, Pham VJ, Schlücker E Journal article Lubrication management of a reversible compressor-expander-unit in a combined HP-ORC-plant (2021) Steger D, Zwiefler M, Schlücker E Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Carnot battery: Simulation and design of a reversible heat pump-organic Rankine cycle pilot plant (2021) Eppinger B, Steger D, Regensburger C, Karl J, Schlücker E, Will S Journal article, Original article Launch and fird experimental results of a reversible heat pump-orc pilot plant as carnot battery (2021) Steger D, Karl J, Schlücker E Conference contribution Design aspects of a reversible heat pump - Organic rankine cycle pilot plant for energy storage (2020) Steger D, Regensburger C, Eppinger B, Will S, Karl J, Schlücker E Journal article Planung einer regenerativen Wärmepumpen-ORC-Anlage (2019) Steger D, Regensburger C, Schlücker E Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster COMBINING AN ORGANIC RANKINE CYCLE AND A HEAT PUMPCYCLE IN A TEST PLANT FOR REVERSIBLE STORAGE OFENERGY (2019) Steger D, Regensburger C, Eppinger B, Will S, Karl J, Schlücker E Conference contribution, Original article Reversible heat pump-organic rankine cycle systems for the storage of renewable electricity (2018) Staub S, Bazan P, Braimakis K, Müller D, Regensburger C, Scharrer D, Schmitt B, et al. Journal article, Original article