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Polarization-dependent LIF/Mie ratio for sizing of micrometric ethanol droplets doped with Nile red (2022) Kögl M, Dai H, Baderschneider K, Ulrich H, Zigan L Journal article 3D mapping of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hydroxyl radicals, and soot volume fraction in sooting flames using FRAME technique (2021) Chorey D, Kögl M, Boggavarapu P, Bauer F, Zigan L, Will S, Ravikrishna RV, et al. Journal article Morphology-dependent resonances in laser-induced fluorescence images of micrometric gasoline/ethanol droplets utilizing the dye nile red (2021) Kögl M, Dai H, Qomi MP, Bauer F, Eppinger B, Zigan L Journal article, Review article Optische Untersuchungen zur Spraybildung und zur Rußentstehung von Biokraftstoffen unter motorischen Betriebsbedingungen (2021) Kögl M Thesis Fluorescence spectroscopy for studying evaporating droplets using the dye eosin-y (2020) Kögl M, Weiß C, Zigan L Journal article A novel approach for measurement of composition and temperature of N-Decane/butanol blends using two-color laser-induced fluorescence of nile red (2020) Kögl M, Pahlevani M, Zigan L Journal article Planar droplet sizing for studying the influence of ethanol admixture on the spray structure of gasoline sprays (2020) Kögl M, Mishra YN, Baderschneider K, Conrad C, Lehnert B, Will S, Zigan L Journal article Characterization of fuel/water mixtures and emulsions with ethanol using laser-induced fluorescence (2020) Kögl M, Mull C, Mishra YN, Will S, Zigan L Journal article 3D LIF/Mie planar droplet sizing in IC engine sprays using single-droplet calibration data (2020) Kögl M, Mishra YN, Hofbeck B, Baderschneider K, Huber F, Pracht J, Berrocal E, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Analysis of the LIF/Mie Ratio from Individual Droplets for Planar Droplet Sizing: Application to Gasoline Fuels and Their Mixtures with Ethanol (2019) Kögl M, Baderscheider K, Bauer F, Hofbeck B, Berrocal E, Will S, Zigan L Journal article, Review article
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