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Segregation-induced strength anomalies in complex single-crystalline superalloys (2024) Bezold A, Vollhüter J, Karpstein N, Lenz M, Subramanyam AP, Zenk C, Hammerschmidt T, et al. Journal article Reliable identification of the complex or superlattice nature of intrinsic and extrinsic stacking faults in the L12 phase by high-resolution imaging (2023) Karpstein N, Lenz M, Bezold A, Wu M, Neumeier S, Spiecker E Journal article Recovery of superlattice stacking faults at high temperatures (2023) Bezold A, Amon L, Karpstein N, Spiecker E, Göken M, Neumeier S Journal article Quantification of the temperature-dependent evolution of defect structures in a CoNi-base superalloy (2022) Bezold A, Volz N, Lenz M, Karpstein N, Zenk C, Spiecker E, Göken M, Neumeier S Journal article Creep properties and deformation mechanisms of single-crystalline gamma '-strengthened superalloys in dependence of the Co/Ni ratio (2021) Volz N, Zenk C, Karpstein N, Lenz M, Spiecker E, Göken M, Neumeier S Journal article Microscopic Deformation Modes and Impact of Network Anisotropy on the Mechanical and Electrical Performance of Five-fold Twinned Silver Nanowire Electrodes (2020) Schrenker N, Xie Z, Schweizer P, Moninger M, Werner F, Karpstein N, Mackovic M, et al. Journal article Mechanical and Electrical Failure of Silver Nanowire Electrodes: A Scale Bridging In Situ Electron Microscopy Study (2019) Schrenker N, Schweizer P, Moninger M, Karpstein N, Mackovic M, Spyropoulos G, Göbelt M, et al. Journal article, Original article