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Identifying the Thermal Decomposition Mechanism of Guaiacol on Pt(111): An Integrated X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory Study (2018) Hensley AJR, Woeckel C, Gleichweit C, Gotterbarm K, Papp C, Steinrück HP, Wang Y, et al. Journal article Reactivity studies of ethylene, benzene and cyclohexane on carbide-modified Mo(110) using high resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (2018) Bauer U, Gleichweit C, Höfert O, Späth F, Gotterbarm K, Steinrück HP, Papp C Journal article, Original article Keeping argon under a graphene lid - Argon intercalation between graphene and nickel(111) (2016) Steinrück HP, Bauer U, Gotterbarm K, Späth F, Papp C, Höfert O, Gleichweit C, Amende M Journal article, Original article Adsorption and Reaction of SO2 on Graphene-Supported Pt Nanoclusters (2015) Gotterbarm K, Späth F, Bauer U, Steinrück HP, Papp C Journal article Reversible Hydrogenation of Graphene on Ni(111)-Synthesis of ’Graphone’ (2015) Zhao W, Gebhardt J, Späth F, Gotterbarm K, Gleichweit C, Steinrück HP, Görling A, Papp C Journal article Reactivity of Graphene-Supported Pt Nanocluster Arrays (2015) Gotterbarm K, Späth F, Bauer U, Bronnbauer C, Steinrück HP, Papp C Journal article Graphene-Supported Pd Nanoclusters Probed by Carbon Monoxide Adsorption (2014) Gotterbarm K, Bronnbauer C, Bauer U, Papp C, Steinrück HP Journal article Graphene-Templated Growth of Pd Nanoclusters (2014) Gotterbarm K, Steiner C, Bronnbauer C, Bauer U, Steinrück HP, Maier S, Papp C Journal article Gold intercalation of boron-doped graphene on Ni(111): XPS and DFT study (2013) Zhao W, Gebhardt J, Gotterbarm K, Höfert O, Gleichweit C, Papp C, Görling A, Steinrück HP Journal article Growth and electronic structure of boron-doped graphene (2013) Gebhardt J, Koch R, Zhao W, Höfert O, Gotterbarm K, Mammadov S, Papp C, et al. Journal article