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Assessment and improvement of adhesion of printed silver-based inks on alumina produced by fused filament fabrication (2024) Utsch D, Sippel M, Voigt C, Häußler F, Franke J Journal article Use of Printed Sensors to Measure Strain in Rolling Bearings under Isolated Boundary Conditions (2023) Bartz M, Häußler F, Halmos F, Ankenbrand M, Jüttner M, Roudenko J, Wirsching S, et al. Journal article Optimizing Adhesion of Printed Conductive Lines on Additively Manufactured Ceramics (2023) Utsch D, Häußler F, Voigt C, Sippel M, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Reliability of Piezojet-Printed Conductive Lines on Alumina Substrates Produced by Fused Filament Fabrication (2023) Utsch D, Häußler F, Sprenger M, Zirn J, Franke J Conference contribution Process-Factor Optimization of Small-Area Sintered Interconnects for Power Electronics Applications (2023) Alzoubi K, Hensel A, Häußler F, Ottinger B, Sippel M, Franke J Journal article Analysis of the Suitability of Inkjet-Printed Ag-Particle-Filled Inks for Use in Connections of Fine-Pitch Electrical Components (2023) Voigt C, Petersen M, Thielen N, Utsch D, Häußler F, Kirchberger M, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Aerosol-Jet-Printed Encapsulation of Organic Photovoltaics (2023) Basu R, Siah KS, Distler A, Häußler F, Franke J, Brabec C, Egelhaaf HJ Journal article High Temperature Die Attach: Study and Power Cycling of Direct-Bonded Silver Joints (2022) Häußler F, Sippel M, Sprenger M, Liu L, Muckelbauer M, Franke J Conference contribution Manufacturing of Ceramic Based Mechatronic Integrated Devices Using Laser-Direct-Structuring (2022) Bräuer P, Stoll T, Muckelbauer M, Häußler F, Hensel A, Franke J Conference contribution Examining Ag-Ag Direct Bonding on Chemically Coated DBC Substrates as a Pasteless Die-Attach Approach (2021) Häußler F, Schöttner J, Schubert J, Muckelbauer M, Spiecker E, Franke J Conference contribution, Conference Contribution