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Data-driven quality monitoring of needle winding processes in electric motor production using machine learning techniques (2023) Mayr A, Scheffler F, Fuder R, Raffin T, Kißkalt D, Franke J Conference contribution Interactive Image Segmentation Using Superpixels and Deep Metric Learning for Tool Condition Monitoring (2023) Lutz B, Janisch L, Kißkalt D, Regulin D, Franke J Conference contribution Artificial Intelligence‐Based Assistance System for Visual Inspection of X‐ray Scatter Grids (2022) Selmaier A, Kunz D, Kißkalt D, Benaziz M, Fürst J, Franke J Journal article, Original article Automated Domain Adaptation in Tool Condition Monitoring using Generative Adversarial Networks (2021) Lutz B, Kißkalt D, Regulin D, Aybar B, Franke J Conference contribution Maschinelles Lernen in der Produktion (2021) Kißkalt D, Mayr A Other publication type Material identification for smart manufacturing systems: A review (2021) Lutz B, Kißkalt D, Regulin D, Hauser T, Franke J Conference contribution Towards “Design for Interoperability” in the context of Systems Engineering (2021) Sjarov M, Kißkalt D, Lechler T, Selmaier A, Franke J Journal article Semantic Segmentation of Multi-Channel Polycrystalline Structure Micrographs Using Convolutional Neural Networks (2021) Selmaier A, Lutz B, Kißkalt D, Boernicke S, Fuerst J, Franke J Conference contribution In-situ identification of material batches using machine learning for machining operations (2020) Lutz B, Kißkalt D, Mayr A, Regulin D, Pantano M, Franke J Journal article Benchmark of automated machine learning with state-of-the-art image segmentation algorithms for tool condition monitoring (2020) Lutz B, Reisch R, Kißkalt D, Avci B, Regulin D, Knoll A, Franke J Journal article, Original article
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