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F18-FDG PET/CT imaging early predicts pathologic complete response to induction chemoimmunotherapy of locally advanced head and neck cancer: preliminary single-center analysis of the checkrad-cd8 trial (2022) Beck M, Hartwich J, Eckstein M, Schmidt D, Gostian AO, Müller-Hübner S, Rutzner S, et al. Journal article Transient Enlargement in Meningiomas Treated with Stereotactic Radiotherapy (2022) Maksoud Z, Schmidt M, Huang Y, Rutzner S, Mansoorian S, Weissmann T, Bert C, et al. Journal article, Original article Induction chemoimmunotherapy followed by CD8+ immune cell-based patient selection for chemotherapy-free radioimmunotherapy in locally advanced head and neck cancer (2022) Hecht M, Eckstein M, Rutzner S, Von Der Grun J, Illmer T, Klautke G, Laban S, et al. Journal article Baseline Quality of Life of Physical Function Is Highly Relevant for Overall Survival in Advanced Rectal Cancer (2022) Fitz T, Sörgel C, Rutzner S, Hecht M, Fietkau R, Distel L Journal article Questionnaire-based detection of immune-related adverse events in cancer patients treated with PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint inhibitors (2021) Griewing LM, Schweizer C, Schubert P, Rutzner S, Eckstein M, Frey B, Haderlein M, et al. Journal article Predictive Value of Multiparametric MRI for Response to Single-Cycle Induction Chemo-Immunotherapy in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (2021) Hellwig K, Ellmann S, Eckstein M, Wiesmüller M, Rutzner S, Semrau S, Frey B, et al. Journal article Patient-reported treatment satisfaction with Rivaroxaban in cancer patients with acute venous thromboembolism - Results from the CONKO-011 trial (2021) Sinn M, Juehling A, Hellmann M, Omar M, Suedhoff T, Stahl M, Krziwanie A, et al. Conference contribution Primary Results of the phase II CheckRad-CD8 Trial: First-Line Treatment of locally advanced Head and Neck Tumors with double Checkpoint Blockade and Radiotherapy dependent on intratumoral CD8+T-Cell Infiltration (2021) Hecht M, Eckstein M, Rutzner S, Von Der Gruen J, Illmer T, Klautke G, Laban S, et al. Conference contribution Physical Fitness in Combination with Age is an overwhelming prognostic Factor in Patients with advanced Rectal Cancer (2021) Fitz T, Sörgel C, Rutzner S, Fietkau R, Distel L Conference contribution Prospective Assessment of the Inflammation Parameters in Blood Counts and Blood Serum as prognostic/predictive Parameters for Treatment with Immune Checkpoint-Inhibitors (2021) Schweizer C, Haderlein M, Schubert P, Zhou J, Semrau S, Rutzner S, Gostian AO, et al. Conference contribution
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