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Magmatic evolution of the Schiel Alkaline Complex, Bushveld large igneous province, South Africa (2024) Höß A, Klemd R, Bolhar R, Haase K, Ramos J, Geiger E, Brandt S, Graupner T Journal article Paleoproterozoic (2.01 Ga) high-pressure granulite facies metamorphism and isothermal decompression of garnet-orthopyroxene-cordierite-orthoamphibole gneisses from the Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt in eastern Botswana (2023) Brandt S, Klemd R, Ramos J, Drueppel K, Xie H Journal article Polyphase growth history of peritectic garnet from a granite: Trace-element zonation, Lu-Hf ages and their significance for the duration of granite-forming processes (2022) Jung S, Pfänder JA, Mezger K, Hellebrand E, Brandt S Journal article Timing and duration of discrete tectono-metamorphic events of the polymetamorphic high-grade Central zone of the Limpopo Belt (South Africa): Insight from in situ geochronology of monazite and zircon (2022) Zhou T, Klemd R, Brandt S, Liu Y, Li QL Journal article Petrology and geochronology of a suite of meta-supracrustal rocks from Madukkarai, Tamil Nadu: Implications for the Ediacaran-Cambrian orogenesis of the Granulite Terrane of South India (2021) Roy Choudhury S, Dey A, Brandt S, Sanyal S, Sengupta P Journal article Unravelling the P-T-t history of three high-grade metamorphic events in the Epupa Complex, NW Namibia: Implications for the paleoproterozoic to mesoproterozoic evolution of the Congo Craton (2021) Brandt S, Klemd R, Xie H, Bobek P Journal article Metamorphic Response to Alpine Thrusting of a Crustal-scale Basement Nappe in Southern Calabria (Italy) (2020) Brandt S, Schenk V Journal article Formation of the Vergenoeg F-Fe-REE deposit (South Africa) by accumulation from a ferroan silicic magma (2020) Brandt S, Klemd R, Haase K, Faßbender ML, Vennemann T Journal article, Original article Cumulate olivine: A novel host for heavy rare earth element mineralization (2020) Brandt S, Faßbender ML, Klemd R, Macauley C, Felfer P, Haase K Journal article, Original article Metamorphic petrology of a high-T/low-P granulite terrane (Damara belt, Namibia) – Constraints from pseudosection modelling and high-precision Lu–Hf garnet-whole rock dating (2019) Jung S, Brandt S, Bast R, Scherer EE, Berndt J Journal article