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Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction in Head and Neck CT Facilitates Tumor Visualization of Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer Obscured by Artifacts From Dental Hardware (2023) Bayerl N, May M, Wuest W, Roth J, Kramer M, Hofmann C, Schmidt B, et al. Journal article The German COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing App: A Socioeconomic Evaluation (2022) Ellmann S, Maryschok M, Schöffski O, Emmert M Journal article Vision, Development, and Structure of the First German Specialist Training Curriculum for Radiology (2022) Molwitz I, Frisch A, Adam G, Afat S, Ammon J, Antoch G, Baeßler B, et al. Journal article Non-Invasive Characterization of Experimental Bone Metastasis in Obesity Using Multiparametric MRI and PET/CT (2022) Gregoric G, Gaculenko A, Nagel L, Popp V, Maschauer S, Prante O, Saake M, et al. Journal article Editorial for "Deep Learning Assisted Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Tumors Based Upon Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging" (2021) Ellmann S, Bäuerle T Journal article, Editorial Predictive Value of Multiparametric MRI for Response to Single-Cycle Induction Chemo-Immunotherapy in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (2021) Hellwig K, Ellmann S, Eckstein M, Wiesmüller M, Rutzner S, Semrau S, Frey B, et al. Journal article How COVID-19 kick-started online learning in medical education-The DigiMed study (2021) Stoehr F, Müller L, Brady A, Trilla A, Mähringer-Kunz A, Hahn F, Düber C, et al. Journal article Comparison of Readout-Segmented Echo-Planar Imaging and Single-Shot TSE DWI for Cholesteatoma Diagnostics (2021) Wiesmüller M, Wüst W, May M, Ellmann S, Heiß R, Saake M, Janka RM, et al. Journal article An AI classifier derived from 4D radiomics of dynamic contrast-enhanced breast MRI data: potential to avoid unnecessary breast biopsies (2021) Poetsch N, Dietzel M, Kapetas P, Clauser P, Pinker K, Ellmann S, Uder M, et al. Journal article Morphological, functional, and molecular assessment of breast cancer bone metastases by experimental ultrasound techniques compared with magnetic resonance imaging and histological analysis (2021) Heinen H, Seyler L, Popp V, Hellwig K, Bozec A, Uder M, Ellmann S, Bäuerle T Journal article
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