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Digital staining in optical microscopy using deep learning - a review (2023) Kreiss L, Jiang S, Li X, Xu S, Zhou KC, Lee KC, Mühlberg A, et al. Journal article, Review article SEMPAI: a Self-Enhancing Multi-Photon Artificial Intelligence for Prior-Informed Assessment of Muscle Function and Pathology (2023) Mühlberg A, Ritter P, Langer S, Goossens C, Nübler S, Schneidereit D, Taubmann O, et al. Journal article, Original article Myofibrillar Lattice Remodeling Is a Structural Cytoskeletal Predictor of Diaphragm Muscle Weakness in a Fibrotic mdx (mdx Cmah(-/-)) Model (2022) Ritter P, Nübler S, Buttgereit A, Smith LR, Mühlberg A, Bauer J, Michael M, et al. Journal article, Original article Label-free analysis of inflammatory tissue remodeling in murine lung tissue based on multiphoton microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and machine learning (2022) Kreiß L, Ganzleben I, Mühlberg A, Ritter P, Schneidereit D, Becker C, Neurath M, et al. Journal article, Original article Label-free analysis of experimental lung fibrosis using multiphoton microscopy and Raman spectroscopy (2021) Ganzleben I, Kreiß L, Mühlberg A, Friedrich O, Neurath M, Schürmann S, Waldner M Conference contribution Three-dimensional Distribution of Muscle and Adipose Tissue of the Thigh at CT: Association with Acute Hip Fracture (2019) Mühlberg A, Museyko O, Bousson V, Pottecher P, Laredo JD, Engelke K Journal article A reproducible semi-automatic method to quantify the muscle-lipid distribution in clinical 3D CT images of the thigh (2017) Mühlberg A, Museyko O, Laredo JD, Engelke K Journal article