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Automated body organ segmentation, volumetry and population-averaged atlas for 3D motion-corrected T2-weighted fetal body MRI (2024) Uus AU, Hall M, Grigorescu I, Avena Zampieri C, Egloff Collado A, Payette K, Matthew J, et al. Journal article Preeclampsia Associated Differences in the Placenta, Fetal Brain, and Maternal Heart Can Be Demonstrated Antenatally: An Observational Cohort Study Using MRI (2024) Hall M, De Marvao A, Schweitzer R, Cromb D, Colford K, Jandu P, O'Regan DP, et al. Journal article Fully automated planning for anatomical fetal brain MRI on 0.55T (2024) Neves Silva S, McElroy S, Aviles Verdera J, Colford K, St Clair K, Tomi-Tricot R, Uus A, et al. Journal article Reliability and Feasibility of Low-Field-Strength Fetal MRI at 0.55 T during Pregnancy (2023) Aviles Verdera J, Story L, Hall M, Finck T, Egloff A, Seed PT, Malik SJ, et al. Journal article Prenatal exposure to air pollution is associated with structural changes in the neonatal brain (2023) Bos B, Barratt B, Batalle D, Gale-Grant O, Hughes EJ, Beevers S, Cordero-Grande L, et al. Journal article Multi-modal MRI reveals changes in placental function following preterm premature rupture of membranes (2023) Hutter J, Slator PJ, Zampieri CA, Hall M, Rutherford M, Story L Journal article Functional assessment of brain development in fetuses that subsequently deliver very preterm: An MRI pilot study (2023) Story L, Uus A, Hall M, Payette K, Bakalis S, Arichi T, Shennan A, et al. Journal article Preface (2023) Hutter J Authored book, Volume of book series Dynamics of T2* and deformation in the placenta and myometrium during pre-labour contractions (2022) Hutter J, Kohli V, Dellschaft N, Uus A, Story L, Steinweg JK, Gowland P, et al. Journal article Assessment of the fetal lungs in utero (2022) Avena-Zampieri CL, Hutter J, Rutherford M, Milan A, Hall M, Egloff A, Lloyd DFA, et al. Journal article, Review article