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Changes in Gravitaxis and Gene-Expression in an Euglena gracilis Culture over Time (2024) Krüger J, Richter P, Stoltze J, Prasad B, Strauch S, Krüger M, Nasir A, Lebert M Journal article Changes of Gene Expression in Euglena gracilis Obtained During the 29th DLR Parabolic Flight Campaign (2019) Krüger J, Richter P, Stoltze J, Strauch S, Krüger M, Daiker V, Prasad B, et al. Journal article, Original article Disproval of the Starch-Amyloplast Hypothesis? (2019) Richter P, Strauch S, Lebert M Journal article, Review article What an Escherichia coli Mutant Can Teach Us About the Antibacterial Effect of Chlorophyllin (2019) Krueger M, Richter P, Strauch S, Nasir A, Burkovski A, Antunes CA, Meißgeier T, et al. Journal article Current knowledge about the impact of microgravity on the proteome (2019) Strauch S, Grimm D, Corydon TJ, Krueger M, Bauer J, Lebert M, Wise P, et al. Journal article, Review article Diurnal stratification of oxygen in shallow aquaculture ponds in central Europe and recommendations for optimal aeration (2019) Oberle M, Salomon S, Ehrmaier B, Richter P, Lebert M, Strauch S Journal article, Original article Eu:CROPIS - "Euglena gracilis: Combined Regenerative Organic-food Production in Space" - A Space Experiment Testing Biological Life Support Systems Under Lunar And Martian Gravity (2018) Hauslage J, Strauch S, Essmann O, Haag F, Richter P, Krüger J, Stoltze J, et al. Journal article Restart capability of resting-states of Euglena gracilis after 9 months of dormancy: preparation for autonomous space flight experiments (2017) Strauch S, Becker I, Pölloth L, Richter P, Haag F, Hauslage J, Lebert M Journal article, Original article Operation of an enclosed aquatic ecosystem in the Shenzhou-8 mission (2017) Li X, Richter P, Hao Z, An Y, Wang G, Li D, Liu Y, et al. Journal article, Original article Long term stability of Oligo (dT) 25 magnetic beads for the expression analysis of Euglena gracilis for long term space projects (2017) Becker I, Strauch S, Hauslage J, Lebert M Journal article, Original article
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