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Comprehensive species- and processing-specific peptide profiling of pasteurized, extended shelf-life and ultra-high temperature milk from cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, and mare (2024) Zenk N, Laumer F, Dalabasmaz S, Stützer J, Mauser A, Pischetsrieder M Journal article Identification of Potential Bioactive Peptides in Sheep Milk Kefir through Peptidomic Analysis at Different Fermentation Times (2023) Dalabasmaz S, de la Torre EP, Gensberger-Reigl S, Pischetsrieder M, Rodríguez-Ortega MJ Journal article Identification of colupulone and lupulone as the main contributors to the antibacterial activity of hop extracts using activity-guided fractionation and metabolome analysis (2023) Li Y, Dalabasmaz S, Gensberger-Reigl S, Heymich ML, Krofta K, Pischetsrieder M Journal article A model study on the site-specificity of (−)-epicatechin-induced reactions in β-lactoglobulin by high-resolution mass spectrometry in combination with bioinformatics (2023) Börsig A, Konar N, Dalabasmaz S Journal article Optimization of Chlorella vulgaris spray drying using various innovative wall materials (2023) Tamtürk F, Gürbüz B, Toker ÖS, Dalabasmaz S, Malakjani N, Durmaz Y, Konar N Journal article Effects of various milk powders on main quality parameters of cocoa butter substitute-based chocolate (2023) Konar N, Polat DG, Dalabasmaz S, Erdogan M, Sener S, Sarıkaya EK Journal article Profiles, antioxidative and ACE inhibitory activity of peptides released from fermented buttermilk before and after simulated gastrointestinal digestion (2023) Magouz O, Mehanna N, Khalifa M, Sakr H, Gensberger-Reigl S, Dalabasmaz S, Pischetsrieder M Journal article Cocoa polyphenols and milk proteins: covalent and non-covalent interactions, chocolate process and effects on potential polyphenol bioaccesibility (2023) Dalabasmaz S, Toker ÖS, Palabiyik I, Konar N Journal article, Review article Effects of gelatin concentration, adding temperature and mixing rate on texture and quality characteristics of model gels (2023) Dalabasmaz S, Melayim ME, Konar N Journal article A systematic approach to identify novel marker peptides for the heat treatment and storage of milk (2021) Dalabasmaz S, Pischetsrieder M Journal article