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Optical measurement of the work function and the field reduction factor of metallic needle tips (2023) Meier S, Heimerl J, Dienstbier P, Hommelhoff P Journal article Tracing attosecond electron emission from a nanometric metal tip (2023) Dienstbier P, Seiffert L, Paschen T, Liehl A, Leitensdorfer A, Fennel T, Hommelhoff P Journal article Ultrafast Strong-Field Electron Emission and Collective Effects at a One-Dimensional Nanostructure (2023) Paschen T, Roussel R, Seiffert L, Kruse B, Heide C, Dienstbier P, Mann J, et al. Journal article Quantum Interference Visibility Spectroscopy in Two-Color Photoemission from Tungsten Needle Tips (2021) Li A, Pan Y, Dienstbier P, Hommelhoff P Journal article, Letter Ultrafast electron control with various means: from multiphoton physics at needle tips to nanophotonic particle acceleration (2021) Shiloh R, Chlouba T, Li A, Dienstbier P, Tafel A, Illmer J, Schönenberger N, et al. Conference contribution Strong-field spectra and optical near-field enhancement at aluminium needle tips (2021) Paschen T, Nauk C, Dienstbier P, Hommelhoff P Journal article, Letter Coherent control at gold needle tips approaching the strong-field regime (2021) Dienstbier P, Paschen T, Hommelhoff P Journal article, Letter Two-color coherent control in photoemission from gold needle tips (2021) Dienstbier P, Paschen T, Hommelhoff P Journal article, Letter Carrier-envelope-phase-stable soliton-based pulse compression to 4.4  fs and ultraviolet generation at the 800  kHz repetition rate (2019) Ermolov A, Heide C, Dienstbier P, Köttig F, Tani F, Hommelhoff P, Russell PS Journal article, Letter Generation of 1.5 cycle pulses at 780 nm at oscillator repetition rates with stable carrier-envelope phase (2019) Dienstbier P, Tani F, Higuchi T, Travers JC, Russell PSJ, Hommelhoff P Journal article, Letter