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Innovative Refrigeration Technology for Machine Tools with Sustainable Refrigerants and Digital Twins (2024) Bani-Hani M, Stemmler T, Hanenkamp N Journal article, Original article SUPPORTING MANUAL CONTOUR AND SURFACE PROCESSING WITH THE HELP OF AUGMENTED REALITY (2023) Mühlbauer M, Auer A, Würschinger H, Hanenkamp N Journal article Influence of Carbon Dioxide Temperature on Sprayability and Solubility in Cryogenic Minimum Quantity Lubrication with Bio-Based Lubricants (2023) Meier T, Lermer M, Gross D, Hanenkamp N Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Influence of Additivation of Bio-Based Lubricants on Sprayability and Solubility for Cryogenic Minimum Quantity Lubrication (2023) Meier T, Lermer M, Gross D, Hanenkamp N Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Model-Based Correlation Analysis of Machine Control Parameters and Process Vibration Amplitudes by the Example of Milling (2023) Ju S, Reitenspieß M, Zhang K, Hanenkamp N Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Maschinelle Lernverfahren zur Digitalisierung manueller Ablese- und Messvorgänge (2023) Mühlbauer M, Würschinger H, Hanenkamp N, Funtikov S Journal article Experimental investigation of ultrasonic vibration-assisted cryogenic minimum quantity lubrication for milling of Ti-6Al-4V and grinding of Zerodur (2023) Blasl J, Lichtinger K, Vieltorf F, Zaeh MF, Hanenkamp N Journal article Superposition of cryogenic and ultrasonic assisted machining of Zerodur (2023) Vogt C, Thiess H, Blasl J, Hanenkamp N, Lichtinger K Conference contribution Milling Strategy Design to Improve Vibration Behavior, Tool Wear and Surface Roughness in Machining (2022) Ju S, Hanenkamp N Conference contribution, Original article Technologieentwicklung kryogener Entgratungsstrategien für metallische Werkstoffe (2022) Amon S, Hanenkamp N Other publication type