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Highly efficient synthesis of globular (bola)amphiphilic [5:1]hexakisadducts of C60 (2013) Hörmann F, Brettreich M, Donaubauer W, Hampel F, Hirsch A Journal article, Original article Reaction of water-soluble fullerenes with O2 - and other reactive radical species (2010) Kahnt A, Guldi DM, Brettreich M, Hartnagel U, Hirsch A Journal article, Original article Charge transfer in sapphyrin-fullerene hybrids employing dendritic ensembles (2010) Grimm B, Karnas E, Brettreich M, Ohta K, Hirsch A, Guldi DM, Torres T, Sessler JL Journal article, Original article Layer-by-layer deposition of molecular oligoelectrolytes-investigation of assembling and degradation behaviour (2008) Rosenlehner K, Schunk T, Jux N, Brettreich M, Hirsch A Journal article, Original article Photophysical studies of six amphiphilic 2:1 cyclodextrin:[60]fullerene derivatives (2006) Quaranta A, Zhang Y, Filippone S, Yang J, Sinay P, Rassat A, Edge R, et al. Journal article, Original article Fullerenes: Chemistry and Reactions (2005) Hirsch A, Brettreich M Authored book, Monography Chromatographic separation and identification of a water-soluble dendritic methano[60]fullerene octadecaacid (2003) Gharbi N, Burghardt S, Brettreich M, Herrenknecht C, Tamisier-Karolak S, Bensasson RV, Szwarc H, et al. Journal article, Original article Electrostatic complexation and photoinduced electron transfer between Zn-Cytochrome c and polyanionic fullerene dendrimers (2003) Braun M, Atalick S, Guldi DM, Lanig H, Brettreich M, Burghardt S, Hatzimarinaki M, et al. Journal article, Original article Photophysical properties of a dendritic methano[60]fullerene octadeca acid and its tert-butyl ester: Evidence for aggregation of the acid form in water (2003) Quaranta A, McGarvey D, Land E, Brettreich M, Burghardt S, Schönberger H, Hirsch A, et al. Journal article, Original article Synthesis, X-ray structure, and properties of a tetrabenzannelated 1,2,4,5-cyclophane (2002) Brettreich M, Bendikov M, Chaffins S, Perepichka DF, Dautel O, Duong H, Helgeson R, Wudl F Journal article
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