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Unklarer Bauch: Eine therapeutische Herausforderung (2024) Atreya R Journal article Etrolizumab-s fails to control E-Cadherin-dependent co-stimulation of highly activated cytotoxic T cells (2024) Wiendl M, Dedden M, Liu L, Schweda A, Paap EM, Ullrich K, Hartmann L, et al. Journal article p21 Prevents the Exhaustion of CD4+ T Cells Within the Antitumor Immune Response Against Colorectal Cancer (2024) Thoma OM, Naschberger E, Kubánková M, Larafa I, Kramer V, Menchicchi B, Merkel S, et al. Journal article Long-term outcomes of cyclosporin induction and ustekinumab maintenance combination therapy in patients with steroid-refractory acute severe ulcerative colitis (2024) Vitali F, Rath T, Klenske E, Vögele AL, Ganzleben I, Zundler S, Strobel D, et al. Journal article Myenteric Plexus Immune Cell Infiltrations and Neurotransmitter Expression in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (2024) Wiese JJ, Manna S, Kühl AA, Fascì A, Elezkurtaj S, Sonnenberg E, Bubeck M, et al. Journal article Biomarkers for Personalizing IBD Therapy: The Quest Continues (2024) Atreya R, Neurath M Journal article, Review article Prediction of disease progression and treatment success: Importance of individualized treatment approaches Prädiktion von Krankheitsverlauf und Therapieerfolg: Stellenwert individualisierter Therapieansätze (2023) Atreya R Journal article Treatment Strategies in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (2023) Stallmach A, Atreya R, Grunert PC, Stallhofer J, de Laffolie J, Schmidt C Journal article, Review article Differential Effects of Ontamalimab Versus Vedolizumab on Immune Cell Trafficking in Intestinal Inflammation and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (2023) Schulze L, Becker E, Dedden M, Liu L, Van Passen C, Mohamed Abdou M, Müller T, et al. Journal article Rapid single-cell physical phenotyping of mechanically dissociated tissue biopsies (2023) Soteriou D, Kubankova M, Schweitzer C, Lopez Posadas R, Pradhan R, Thoma OM, Györfi AH, et al. Journal article